Nectarine Leaf Discoloration

Two of my first leaf nectarines (one on Lovell and the other on citation) have leaves as in the photos below. I suspect it is some sort of nutrient imbalance. Any idea what could be causing this?

I looked online,for causes of the problem.The closest thing,was something about too much soil moisture,planted in clay.

Thanks Brady. My soil is Sandy loam, so I would really be surprised if the problem is water logging… But because of the nature of soil, I didn’t care to plant on mounds, so who knows, may be you are right…

I don’t know the answer but would like to hear the result if you plan to send those leaves to your extension service for testing. Leave veins appear necrotic.

The closest nutrient deficiency pic I saw compared to yours was manganese deficiency.

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Unfortunately I can’t submit for leaf analysis, as that requires 25 leaves, and these are really small trees with just 3-4 branches each, they are already stressed, so I don’t want to over stress them by plucking that many leaves.

Hope you can find a fix. Good luck.

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