Nectarine or apple?

Picked up some dark red nectarines today at Costco. My wife tried one and when I asked her if the nectarine was good she replied that she thought it was an apple. I tried one and yes it had an apple texture and a mild flavor that could be mistaken for an apple. An accomplishment of modern commercial fruit growers! A nectarine that ships like an apple and taste like an crispy bland apple but looks great.

Sounds like the last tomato I had from Costco.

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A lot of the fruit boxes at Costco will have the variety shown on the box. Usually on the end, but sometimes on the bottom. Is yours labeled?

It’s early for nectarines. Maybe they were picked too soon?

I would say picked way to soon and not ripened enough. Probably from Chile.

I bought a bag from Sam’s Club…mine looked great…the flavor??? not so much. They were from Chile. Much better off buying frozen peaches this time of year. The brand i buy shows that the peaches are from Greece. They grow some good peaches there.

Costco’s return policy will allow you to take them back. I took back a watermelon once that smelled like fish.

LOL, that’s just wrong!