Need advice about root pruning potted fig trees

Someone gave me 5 scion wood of fig de Bordeaux April 2022. Put them in my greenhouse whole summer and they grew really big. Put them in a heated shed last winter and put them back in greenhouse 3 weeks ago. Wanted to change the potting soil for new growing season but was baffled by all 5 root balls which grew extremely hard and compact. Tried to downsize the root system with specialized knife but everything was super compact and impossible to cut. It all roots, roots and roots again. I was able to add about 2 cups of potting mix per pot: no more. It’s my second attempt with fig scion wood and a second strike for me… Pots are 10 G Rootmaker, What a God given name for these pots! What Am I doing wrong???


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You will need to use a saws all or electric chain saw to root prune them so they don’t get root bound. The trees look great.

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The 6 TPI Bi-Metal blade for wood with nails works great. The one shown here is a little short – I’d go with the 8".