Need help about deciding for an outstanding manual telescopic saw & tree pruning tool

Hello all:

With my orchard trees getting older and taller, I definitely need a very good and reliable saw and pruner telescopic pole. I consulted some catalogs but tools are either flimsy quality (around 80$ or so) or battery/fuel operated ( 600$ and more). I want a manual tool but with outstanding quality. Made in North America or Europe. Thanks for any suggestions.


I will ask my congregation to pray for you on your success this Sunday.

Maybe top work the old taller trees with scionwood saved from 1 year old wood leaving a nurse limb until the grafted ones get growth. Then your problem is solved and as you get older there will be less need for a ladder to spray or pick the fruit.
You will thank yourself years later!

Don’t waste your time and energy on my case… for I am the worst atheist ever created by Evolution… Marc

I’m not english-speaking but until now I thought I was able to read and understand quite a lot of what English-speakers/writers were speaking/writing to me but I have to say that your message is lost in translation… to say the least. Marc

It will be very difficult to fine an extension saw pole of quality if even possible. I too qualify as an atheist. I tell people when they want something that can’t be found that I will ask my church congregation to “pray for them”.

Hi Shabou,
Sorry about my English terms. If you research the subject “Top working older trees” you will understand my suggestion to Top Work your taller trees so that you can reach the top limbs from the ground level. Then you will not need a saw.