Need help about determining when Calville blanc d’hiver is ready to eat


After getting only some extremely small & deformed apple for the first 3 years, the 2 trees are now loaded with nice, huge and gorgeous fruits:

The problem? Never tasted Calville before. Never seen one either. So… a bit perplex! Should I just take an apple and taste it? Wait until red spot is more pronounced? Wait until first frost? Big thanks for any advices.



Those are beautiful! Good job.

It’s a fairly late ripener, and you’re in Quebec, so I doubt that they are ready yet. Color, although unreliable, counts. But once they start falling it’s a sure thing they need to come off. I prefer to try to pick fruit before it decides to come down. You can test them by lifting them to horizontal, or giving them a little tug. But to be certain you really need to cut one open. Check the seeds, which should be very dark brown or black, and eat one (apple, not the seeds).

Repeat every few days until you have the answer or you’re out of apples!


Thanks Mark!

Since it’s a late ripening apple, I will wait a few more weeks and keep looking if any have fallen on the ground. Marc

Best to get them before they fall on their own.

Check out the Grampa’s Orchard ripening chart:

I suspect it’ll take some use to learn just how it applies to your particular area, but at least it gives a person a framework to start with.

Can you wait until late Oct?

That’s when they ripen here in 6a. Although you are in a colder zone, your trees gets plenty of sun. The coloring of your Calville Blanc is very nice. Mine are in shade. They are usually light green with almost no red blush.

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Hey @mamuang - I looked for the link to that chart in the reference section and didn’t find it. What am I doing wrong? (Not to worry, though, I had it close at hand here.) Thanks!

The apple chart by Applebacon? That one needs access code, I believe.

No, I was thinking of the Grampa’s Orchard chart I link in the reply to Marc:

Not a big deal -I just thought it was there and wondered why I couldn’t find it.


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I can open the link, both that you posted.

Right- I was just thinking it was in the reference or guides section and didn’t find it there. But no big deal, just addressing my OCD!

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Perhaps you’re thinking of the “Estimated Tree Vigor” that was saved from Home Orchard Society.

Those are fantastic. My tree died this year and I hadn’t found a proper pollinator. Yours are magnificent. Yes take one and bit into it. If its too sour, its not ripe.