Need Help Identifying Peach Variety

I’m hoping some of you peach experts can help me.

My sister lives in Klamath Falls, OR. She and her husband inherited a peach tree that was planted by her father-in-law many years ago. My sister really likes the peaches and would like to find out what variety it is.

The peaches have just now ripened. Their other peach tree was done earlier this month, so I’m guessing this must be a mid- or late-season peach. It is a yellow freestone with very large fruit. She also said the flesh is firmer than the other peach variety they have.

Here is a picture of the fruit. I am trying to get my sister to send pics of the tree and blossoms.


Here are photos of the tree, not that they will probably help much.

It’s probably more reliable to suggest tracing it back to the nursery the tree came from to see what varieties of similar character they may have been selling then. I have seen a lot that look like this, but I would not hazard a guess

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Good suggestion, but we don’t have any idea where it came from. No tags on it, and the man who bought/planted it is dead now.