Need help ridding Leaf Footed Bugs

These bugs are taking over my blackberry and blueberry patch. Is there a trap for these bugs? I’ve tried neem oil stray which hasn’t worked.
Leaf footed stink bug

Lots of details available there…

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From that article there is really nothing I can do other than hand pick them off my blackberries this year or spray to kill them and burn this years crop. I’m already getting rid of my raspberries due to all the bugs eating the soft flesh berries, I was hoping they wouldn’t effect my blackberries so bad. I have family that just wont eat the blackberries now even though I told them they are okay to eat. I guess the only thing I can due next year is to plant some sunflowers and other plants that will attract them but I really don’t think that will work good enough.

I can believe there’s not a trap for these bugs.

@figerama — was just browsing youtube vids and found this… by millennial gardener

More details… on Trap Cropping…

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Surround repels them. But it is not great to spray on berries … it is hard to get it all off the fruit.


Best put out a slight damp tarp around the tree at sunset.
Go out with a wet dry vacuum at sunrise .
Turn over the tarp & vacuum.
Vacuum them in the tree too.
They move slower when cold.

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