NEED HELP! What kind of fruit tree is this?


Previous owner of this house said this tree is some type of Asian fruit tree that produces fruit every 3-4 years. At least, that’s what I remember, could be wrong. I also don’t remember if he told me the name of the tree. Any chance one of your can help identifying the name and any helpful tips??? Attaching a picture of what looks to be blooming fruit (sorry if that isn’t the right terminology, I’m new at this).


That looks like a


I agree, looks like Loquat. (Although I’d think they’d be ripe by now, unless this is the new crop getting started).

Thank you! That’s what I thought! Does it harvest every 3-4 years?? We got here in July of 2017 and haven’t seen any fruit since we moved in. But now it looks like something may be coming.

Around here,they bloom in the Winter and ripen about

Ok I’m in Dallas, Texas. It’s mostly in the shade (I think) because of where the house is and where the sun normally is.

The flowers can get killed if there are hard

I spent several winters in Florida a decade or more ago…and I looked forward to grazing on some street-planted Loquat before heading to Kentucky. So, that’s the timing there.
I planted one in Mint Hill NC once, but have never been back to see if it lived…or fruited.

If Dallas more like once in 20+ years which is what my MIL had in Waco. Blooms in winter so need a winter without freeze which is rare in Dallas.