Need help with apple ID


Recently found a very old apple tree on an abandoned homestead in Central Washington. Does anyone recognize the variety?

Abandoned apple orchard. Gravenstein or Wealthy?

Take a bite and tell us if it’s sweet.


It was very tart, but it’s early in the season, and it may not have been ripe.


You can tell if the apple was ripe by the color of its seeds. If the seeds were dark brown, the fruit was ripe.


I would suggest that you look into Wealthy, which would be a good thing if that’s what you have.


looks like a duchess of oldenberg which i believe is a a sauce/ baking apple.


Gravenstein? Could be wealthy too.


And Duchess is very tart and ripe August
so that fits.


Gravenstein edges out Wealthy by a bit to me, but it could be either. Those were both popular old apples so it is likely to be one of those two.