Need help with apple pollination

Not only am I trying to figure out pollinator for an apple tree I need it to be trees that will grow in Texas. Yes…I know… My dear Brit husband is dying for familiar treats and pies from Bramley Apples is what he wants. Researching the tree it might do well here…part of that based on information that @applenut grows them in Cali. Now finding out that it needs TWO pollinators and that they need to be of a certain type and bloom at a certain time and the list for NE Texas is short and THEN they would need to be fireblight resistant… Is this impossible? Anyone on the forum down here growing apples? We fall into the ~800 CH area.

K8tpayaso; first of all, ignore the chilling hours and plant what you want. As for Bramley (a triploid) pollinators for NE Texas, Reverend Morgan and Hunge would fit the bill and be good pollinators.


Thanks for your input! Those apples are very interesting and might work well for us. I did find a link to Century Farm Orchards on another thread where they can purchased for Fall 2017. One important thing I left out is the amount of cedar that is here in this area…known around here as “damn cedar” but i think most of it is officially a juniper of some sort. Further complicates the issue…

Any thoughts of how resistant these apples are? I could not find anything specific on the web.

BTW…love your videos!

Hunge is resistant to Cedar Apple Rust, or so I’ve read.


Thanks, I am soooo apple ignorant that I should be banned from growing them…

No way, this disease info can be hard to track down- I keep a file on disease resisters, add to it as I see something.


Bramley’s Seedling is in flowering group 3, so you need apples in flowering groups 2, 3, or 4 for pollination, and this is a huge amount to choose from. In particular, crab apples are great pollinators. You can graft Chestnut Crab (group 3) and Wickson Crab (group 2) and you will be covered for all your pollination needs.

Other possible choices: Cripp’s Pink, Fuji, Gala, Golden Russet, Granny Smith, Grimes Golden, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Kerr Crab, Kidd’s Orange Red, King David.

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