Need help with Bug ID

Found these very tiny bugs crawling around in the hollow of my raspberry. Doesn’t appear to have damaged the fruit at all. I can’t see them anywhere on the outside of the fruit, it is just when I picked a ripe raspberry, they come crawling out. They are orangish, and are darker at the end

Located in Virginia


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Could be larvae of SWD (spotted wing drosophila), enemy number one of bramble fruit these days.

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Thrips would have tiny antennae, if you can spot that.

That was my initial thought, I just don’t seem to see the damage I would expect from thrips

I haven’t had issues yet with SWD. I assume it’s coming as I’ve only had raspberries for 3 years. So my experience with it is just from pictures, and it seems like the larvae look more like white maggots, and are in the drupelets. And if I understand it, they also affect the firmness of the berry. I’m not seeing any of that with these little guys

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