Need opinions about doing pomegranate jelly or not

Hi everyone!

It’s the time of year (well, more in 3 weeks than now) my local Costco is about to offer absolutely huge pomegranates from California. They are a bit pricey here (transport, I guest but California figs come from the same state and are quite affordable here probably a question of weight …) but I like the taste, aroma.

So my question is: I have a juicer so getting all of them in a liquid form will be long but easy work.In French we say: arilles but don’t know the term in English? Do you just say: pomegranate arils?

But how to proceed after getting the juice? Add sugar and evaporate and evaporate and evaporate? Add sugar and pectine? Or sugar and gelatin? I can not find a recipe on the Net. If someone could give me some advice, please.

Thanks! Marc

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I’ve never tried making pomegranate jelly, but I did find this recipe, which calls for pectin:

  • 4 cups pomegranate juice
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1 package SureJell powdered pectin*
  • 5 cups white cane sugar

Another option that I’ve seen is preserving the arils whole in a heavy sugar syrup, like the real deal Luxardo maraschinos. The one I had was so-so, but I think it could be really good if done well.

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Hi Jay:

A (local) kitchen nightmare for me because I have never seen such a product here. Canada & the US have the same food makers but the brands are quite different and availability too. From all my visits in the USA I have never found Kraft peanut butter. A lot of different brands but not Kraft:

Which is a bit strange since it’s the number brand of peanut butter sold in Canada… but I guess someone here will contradict me in a sec! It’s OK.

So that SureJel, is it only pectin or pectin mixed with other ingredient(s)? I don’t cook a lot with pure gelatin (except for my out-of-this-world Port jelly, so they say) but I could give it a try. Thanks!

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Haha! I totally understand. Sure-jell is just a brand of pectin, sold in a pre-measured packet. If I were going to try it, I’d grab whatever pectin you like to use, then use a recipe for jelly from a low-pectin fruit as your guide. I actually have no idea about it’s pectin level, but I think it’s probably safer to assume it’s low.