Need pest ID on jujube seedlings

I’ve noticed this web on my Jujube seedlings. I think it may be some type of aphid or something? Any ideas? I’ve sprayed with soapy water and tried to remove as much web as possible.

Looks like spider mites ,
Spray with garden hose.focefully.
Then maybe horticultural oil

Some of these are inch tall seedlings. I think a garden hose might cremate the plant too. :flushed::joy:

I don’t know horticulture oil…brand name/ingredient?

So I would spray them off with water as best you can.

A horticultural ( summer oil, all season oil) can be used on green foliage.
But not when to hot. It kills by suffocation mite and their eggs.
Mites are common on indoor plants because of lack of preditors,and they like it hot and dry

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Agree, it looks like spider mites, insecticidel soap should work but you may have to use it every few days until they are gone. As mentioned horticultural oil from garden center or Home Depot also works.

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These are inside… I just washed them off under the faucet spray. I’ll have to make a trip to town for oil… insecticidal soap for now… Thanks!

I use a 30x hand lens ( magnifier) to inspect the leaves of my indoor plants, every Couple weeks or so during the winter. Looking for mites. If I see any I spray oil.
When you see those webs a lot of damage has already been done ( although salvageable) , another week or so they can just about kill it .
So better to get them earlier . Get a hand lens.
I also spray with oil befor brining plants in for the winter, it kills the mites and I think it helps the plants tolerate the dryer air inside
Frequent , "forceful "water spray alone will keep them at bay.

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Just had never had any experience with these. I’d noticed the webs and tried to pull them all off. Should have guessed it was some pest. Several of the seedlings are damaged. Will keep my eye on them. Info says they like it dry…does it help to mist your plants often?

Misting may help
I think it’s really the lack of predatory mites inside,
Out side in the grass etc.there are predatory mites that eat the red spider mites
Inside not so much.
I once cured a mite infestation on a potted citrus tree by hoseing it off out side,
Brought it back inside with a big hand full of grass in the pot. No more mites.
This may not always did that time. I use oil now.

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hopefully the mites are easy to get rid of. And if not, hopefully they are merely a nuisance and not much of a jujube killer.

keep us posted!

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