Need recommendations for earliest sweet pepper

I am planning to start some winter veggies - tomato, bush cucumber and pepper inside in order to get some fresh veggies later in winter and spring. I already have pretty early tomato and cucumber seeds, but not pepper. If no other recommendations, I will probably go with mini belle - red or yellow, but they still are not as early as tomato and cucumber. Do you know any really early pepper?

Whoa you must have a greenhouse or be in Florida. A harder to find early pepper, which is a big winner in my book, is Early Hungarian Sweet:

I have grown it for years. It is mild, very pale in color, and very early. The variability in the variety is high which can give unexpected results, but worth a try.

Thanks, I will try to find it! And no, have no greenhouse and live in zone 5)
But I have a designated grow room(former bedroom) and lots of lights. I only going to grow one each - to have early spring salad from time to time :grinning:.

Get Stocky Red Roaster from Wild Garden Seed. It is the all around best short season sweet red cone shaped pepper I’ve ever grown.


May not be what you are looking for but banana peppers are generally quick to the yellow stage (~60 days)

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At least give Carmen a go. It is not just about how early but how productive early. Carmen is a winner here in both categories, even though I haven’t used it in the context you are asking. It seems logical that its attributes would come through in that context as well. When the weather turns cool it keeps churning out a huge crop of delicious peppers until a hard freeze.

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This summer has been so strange for my peppers. June’s bad weather slowed down my regular peppers and now I have so many it’s been a great early fall for peppers.

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Looks promissing!