Need rootstock vendor reviews

I know there are posts that cover this question but sorting out the many posts are making me crazy.

I would like to know who you would recommend that I could order a small quantity of rootstock from for the spring? I only want 10-25. I kinda narrowed it down to BurntRidge Cummins and Raintree because they seem
to be ok with small orders.

I just want to be pretty sure there gonna have them and send them reliably in the spring.

Fedco sells in bundles of 10

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I have had good experiences with Grandpa’s. They take small orders.

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Thanks ! I’ll check them out!

I ordered 25 from Cummins last year. No problems at all.

I didn’t feel the difference in quality for raintree made it worth them vs burnt ridge but They are smaller caliper at burnt Ridge…I was always fine for apples but a couple of the persimmons I had to grow out another year or two. I am relatively cheap.

I find Burnt Ridge, Cummins and Raintree all perform OK…but some are a little tardy with my preferred ship date. Lawyer Nursery for $300 or more orders used to be the best bang for the buck, but they are not out of business. So, I’ve already ordered from Cummins with a March ship date requested and plan to make additional order from Burnt Ridge for the non-Geneva stuff.

I’ve found Northwest Cider Supply to be an excellent source for inexpensive, low-volume apple rootstock.


Especially when they put everything on sale.

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I was in the car earlier and could not remember, but yeah, Northwest was the other place I had gotten rootstocks That I really liked, especially the price since they were like $1.50 apiece at the time and significantly bigger than Burnt ridhe w better roots…But to get them on sale you wind up losing the option of choice, you’re buying whatever they have left over instead of whatever you might choose on your own…

I bought rootstocks from Cummins three times, from Raintree twice and from Northwest Cider Supply once. All were good. Northwest was the cheapest one (during their spring sale), while Raintree is more expensive. For me, the choice mostly depends on which particular rootstocks I need and who has them. If it’s something available at multiple places I would simply go for the cheapest option. One nice thing at Cummins is that you can change your order online, even multiple times; I prefer that to having to call somebody on the phone.

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Northwest Cider is completely sold out.

Got ten sticks from Cummins. Maybe one of them should have been left in the stooling bed a while longer. I would gladly order from them again.

If you just want a few then the shipping sure plays in to the game.
I think I’ll just skip it this year.

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