Need some Help with Toledo 45WP

Hoping someone here has used Toledo 45WP before. It comes in 2 oz water soluble packs and the rate is approximately 4-8 oz/acre or 2 oz in 100/gal. Not doing so hot on the conversion of this to a per gallon rate for my handheld sprayer. :man_facepalming: I’d hate to overspray and kill my orchard, can someone help breakdown the math here with me? Thank you in advance everyone! Apple scab just got ahead of me on my Captan schedule and I’ve heard good reports of Toledo for post-infection. It’s my first time using it and I get real nervous using new pesticides that I haven’t trialed.

Each packet weighs 56.7 grams. You need 1/100 packet for a gallon, or 56.7/100, or 0.567 grams per gallon, which is probably close enough to 1/2 gram/gallon.

It would also be possible to mix it into solution and then measure small amounts of the mix, but that would depend on its relative solubility and you might have problems using it all before it went bad; I don’t know.

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Thank you very much marknmt! I have a good professional scale, so I can measure down to the gram level.

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