Need to Paint Apple Trunks Zone 7?

Am unsure if I need to paint my young apple tree trunks white to prevent sunburn in zone 7 Md. Any ideas? Are the trunks more likely to get burned in winter from sun reflecting off snow? In 40 years have never painted trunks but do use white spiral wraps on young trunks.

I don’t paint mine and I’ve never had a problem with sunburn yet; fingers crossed. Its been ten years now.

Its a good practice to use white or light colored indoor paint on them.

Protect them in some way Hambone. I’m pretty firm in the positive value of trunk painting, but wraps are great too. I really think the corrugated drain pipe cannot be beat for performance and durability. It really shines in a cost / benefit analysis. I actually do both, but it’s overkill, no doubt.

Do you have any commercial orchards in the area? If trunk painting is needed and useful they most likely do it for sun protection. However, very thick coats seem to be helpful against borers which plastic wraps can encourage.

Here in Z6, SE NY I don’t bother with paint and use only plastic wrap. Initially it was in imitation of what commercial orchards do around here. Sometimes my nursery apple trees suffer some borer damage, but usually above where one would paint I guess if you only have a few young trees it would be worth the effort.

Thanks All. I’ll check with Blades Orchard near Federalsburg and see what they do. I’ve got some interior latex and joint compound to follow John Bunker (Fedco) formula, maybe I’ll do that in spring.

Thinking about this, borers seem like ONLY thing that has never attacked my trees. I’ve lost trees to my own mistakes, voles, mice, rabbits, buck rub, blight, collar rot and beavers.

If you are using the Bunker formula for vole protection, better do it soon.

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yeah…I’m with Alan. The greatest benefit is likely to be over winter. Plus it’s nice out now, not hot and no bugs swarming around you. If you have the time, now is the time to be doing it.

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