Neem oil

A friend gave me a bottle of Neem Oil and the directions are missing. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

I use one table spoon of my neem oil to a gallon of water and a little bit of soap. Mine is very potent stuff. You will pretty much have to start with a weak solution and work your way up and find the right neem/water ratio. Or just google or type neem oil on amazon and see if your bottle comes up. Then you can find the directions to mix.
I Always spray in the evening. High temps and sun can burn leaves after neem.



Are we talking about Neem oil to spray insects?

The category is Fruit in the Kitchen so it a bit confusing.

Ifit is for spraying, I can move this thread to the Fruit Growing category for you.

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Yes I am. I posted in wrong spot.Ooopps!

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I would be quite interesting if someone wants to cook with neem oil.

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One question puzzling me. If you all talk about volumes. One table spoon, is it an actual table spoon full of liquid or does that translate into sth else (oz, ml)?

1 TBL = 15ml or 1/2 oz
1 tsp = 5ml or 1/6 oz

It would make an interesting marinade that’s for sure

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Thank you very much.

I use a 0.5% spray on the entire tree, or a 1% spray just on trunks. 1% always is 1 mL/100 mL if using a 100% solution, 1 gram/100 mL for solids.

Found these directions at 20+ Neem Oil Uses In The Garden and Beyond | Epic Gardening

To make a quarter (or liter) of a 0.5% neem and insecticidal soap spray, you’ll need to gather:

1 teaspoon (5 millileters) of pure, cold-pressed neem oil
1/3 teaspoon (1-2 millileters) of insecticidal soap
1 quart (1 liter) of warm water

To adjust this to a larger batch, just multiply this recipe by how large you want to make

You may also want a more concentrated solution. Here’s a recipe for a 1% solution of neem and insecticidal soap spray:*

  • 6.5 ounces (200 millileters) of pure, cold-pressed neem oil
  • 5 teaspoons (30 millileters) of insecticidal soap
  • 4 gallons (20 liters) of warm water (actually closer to 5.3 liters by my calculations-rd)

To prepare your mixture:

  1. Mix insecticidal soap with warm water
  2. Add neem oil in slowly, mixing well
  3. Fill your garden sprayer with the mixture
  4. To ensure even application, shake your sprayer while you apply

Application Instructions

Make sure to cover both the bottom and tops of the leaves of your plants. Most of the annoying insects like to hide on the undersides of your leaves and within the nooks and crannies of the stems and leaf nodes. Spray it on your soil as well, as it prevents nematodes and helps your soil quality.

Use neem oil as soon as possible after making it as the active compounds break down within eight hours. Every time you spray, you should make a new batch of neem oil. This means that you should feel free to use up your entire bottle every time you spray!

If you’re using neem spray to prevent pests, you can spray with a 0.5% solution once every two weeks. If you’re using it to combat an existing infestation, use a 1% solution once a week until the problem is gone, then switch to a 0.5% solution every two weeks.


Hello Regina,

I will use the formula this year for the first time.

My problem really was to translate TBL and tsp into actual volumes since we don’t use those descriptors for volumes here.

Your explanations are very helpful though.

Thank you.

Best of luck to you. I find neem oil to be very effective. Some are bothered by the odor. To me its sort of like a vics vapor rub. If removing peach tree borers, I dig out some solid neem (from container, unmixed) with a knife or screwdriver, and slather it over the opening after prying out the borer. I understand that this can kill existing borers if you are unable to reach them, and I have found this to be the case. I also apply it to cracks or scars in all trees which I am concerned about as entry points for disease. The fat in the neem darkens the wood a bit, but stays on for a long time, even with heavy downpours.

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tsp - 5ml
TBL- 15ml

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Thanks again,

I already know because of your earlier reply. Just responded to Regina to explain my last years question. :+1:

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