Nèfles de Japon

I have been seeing a smallish (about the size of a small apricot) medlar in the outdoor markets. Nèfles are medlars; usually seen in the fall. But this is the Medlar of Japan, a spring variety. Their season is ending but I’m sure I will still find them this Saturday. They supposedly taste nothing like the fall variety. Anyone growing them? If so, what do they taste like? Their skin looks thick. Thanks


They’re also called loquats and there seem to be quite a few on here growing them.

I have fond memories of loquats from Australia, but I don’t think I can grow them here in Ireland.

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I hope you buy a few and let us know how they taste! If they taste good, I’ll pay you for your time and effort to send me a few seeds. The common types here grow easily from seed and, supposedly, grow true to type.

There are quite a few loquat growers here. Outside of the main growers in CA and southern Oregon, there are even a few of us in WA hoping they will do OK in zone 8, 15 to 20F (-9 to -6C).


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They look like this! Found it on the web. I will take pics of the real thing on Saturday.


They are loquats no? Did you saw my pics about it?

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I often search french nurseries, and they definitely call loquats “neflier du japon” meaning “Japanese medlars”. I think because the leaves of medlars and loquats are very similar looking and the fruit similar sizes.


Loquats :+1:

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I have tasted them a great numbers of time (France, Spain and other places) and they taste great. Not really peach nor abricot, juicy and quite refreshing. I remember the skin is very very thin and bruise easily. Well worth it to grow them for sure, if you have the climate of course! Marc

My loquats… :yum:


Went to the large marche yesterday. They are gone, season is over. Next spring!

Quel dommage! Jusque-la. Thanks for checking!

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