Neighbors Complain about Fig Trees

Reminded me of some of your photos @Drew51 :blush:. I hope my neighbors never complain about my fruit trees…


They were set up nice and neat! I like it!



@Drew51. That looked like all your figs there Drew !!


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Yes I have traded with Don, what A nice guy. he sent me all kinds of air layers for free.
They were over 2 feet tall too, not small plants. Some people are very generous. Great guy!
He sent me air layers of huge branches of Black Bethlehem, Malta Black, Nero 600, and Salem Dark.

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he has a nice setup! There’s a thread on OurFigs and he’s on there. There’s also a link to the local TV station FB page where a lot of people are commenting, mostly in the positive.

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Looks well organized, no weeds growing in the pots, not a bunch of mix-matched pots. Love his brick driveway.


I don’t blame the neighbor. It looks like a nursery .not a garden. Any hobby taken to the front of one’s home isn’t pretty.


Same thing could be said about any flowering plant. Personally, it looks like people getting pissy about something for little reason.

But then I do the same thing. I just use plastic pots & grow bags instead of what looks like 5 & 10 gallon buckets.


wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s a free country…guessing this isn’t an area with an HOA, since they would have had him remove those the minute they were put out. Not that I’m a huge fan of them, but if things like this bother you, move into a neighborhood with an HOA/covenants…

neighbor should be thankful…the guy could have just as easily parked and RV or boat in their driveway…


Looks like there is no sun in the backyard, he’s taking good care of them!

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@mrsg47, sorry you feel that way. I have those many pots in my driveway, too. Mine are not as organized or uniformed!!! Forfunately, none of my next door neighbors are complaining. I make sure they get fruit from my yard.

To me, he sets his up neat and organized. I would take green plants over plastic pink flamingoes any days. Different folks…


I think it looks great! I’d be over there every day, excited to have someone else around who is into growing things. I think people should be able to do whatever they please (minus junked cars and garbage) with their private property. Just my humble opinion, I know many disagree.


This idea that you can’t grow anything in your front yard is a recent invention. We go overseas to visit the in-laws almost every year and most people have smaller yards, and they use them. They can be much more of a jungle than this. My grandmother-in-law has a front yard in the country lined with jackfruit, soursop, and star apple. The side and back yard areas are big (for there) and she filled it up with coconut, mango, cocoa, and other things. Here, there are a lot of Chinese immigrants and a lot of them treat their lawns much the same as they would in the old country.

The guy in the article there actually does his thing in a pretty neat and respectful way. Let the neighbors pound sand.


Lol,Drew knows him on a first name basis. Brady


A neighbor down the street has a lovely front yard garden - the front of the house gets the afternoon sun. The first couple of years she used the hay bale method, growing her veggies straight out of the hay bales. This winter, her husband put up a bunch of raised garden beds, the type that come up at least to your knees. She has a wonderful assortment of stuff growing. They also put in three citrus in front and a few more off to the side. Hopefully the citrus are dwarf and do not shade out her garden.

LOL, I live right by this guy. This is my mother in law’s neighborhood. I go on walks right by his house once in a while. Always wanted to stop by and talk to him about what he had in the pots. Makes me want to talk to him, especially because I’ve never had a fresh fig, although attempting a couple plants at the moment (first year). And would be interesting to see what the fig potential is for Columbus… best varieties, etc.

I approve of front yard gardening. People need to lighten up. Front yards often have the best sunlight. And regarding HOA’s, no this neighborhood does not have an HOA. One of the reasons my mother in law likes living there.


I don’t see anything to complain about there. I’d much rather see a neat row of fig plants than an 8-tone 1985 Camero on cinder blocks or assorted trash all over the yard.


Could be worse, could be one of those people that have 20 massive signs in their lawn saying you are going to hell for X or that the Y political party is nazi/communist/satanist/terrorist

Not sure how someone could be offended by a dude (neatly) growing a bunch of fruit trees on his property

@Marknado you should definitely approach the guy if you ever see him outside. People with a passion for their craft usually love helping others get into it


Yeah who doesn’t like to talk shop! I love it,

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