Nemaguard Peach taste?

I had ordered a large number of nemaguard pits to be used as rootstock. I destroyed the bulk of them last year becuase of PTB. BTW, I find them very hardy here in zone 6. I have a few dozen ungrafted or with failed grafts. I was windering it they are likley to produce desirable fruit if I grow them out?

Cant speak to the fruit, but where did you buy your pits?

Here is another source but they sell out quick:

I was excited to find the Ripley County site last year and now they are on my will not do business with list. Customer service has been beyond slow in terms of their response time. Called 2 x and emailed once over the last year at various times regarding peach pits and it took them forever to respond and then it was always no try back again. I will check with the other source you have listed. I am actually looking for Lovell pits.

Ever find out what the fruits taste like?

No, I never tired they are small and have as much pit as they do flesh

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Thanks for the update. Ever tried Siberian C peach instead?