Nematodes for PC control

Amongst many other pest control topics the latest issue of Good Fruit Grower covers nematodes for PC control. One application of new types can give multi yr control just like JB. Also covers organic controls of PC and other pests.

Other topis include winter freeze injury, predatory mites, SWD control, chlorosis caused by cold wet soils, CM mating disruption, BMSB, scale control, alternatives to spraying like baits, and bird control.

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That was a great issue, wasn’t it? The winter pest issue is the main reason why I keep my subscription. We should remember to post links here in a month when those articles are free online. Lots of stuff in there worth discussing.

Re: nematodes, I am experimenting with them now. I put some down in my Euro plums last year since they have the worst curculio problem. I got Steinernema Feltiae, its one of the two strains mentioned in the GFG article (the other was Steinernema carpocapsae). Cornell studies showed reduction of 70-94 percent, I sure could use that! I was thinking of getting the second kind and applying this spring. See, they are selling both of these for not too much $$.


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What happens with PC if there is an off year with no fruit? Do the PC leave the area in search of fruit elsewhere?

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Thanks for the link Scott. I just ordered two types of beneficial nematodes for the black vine weevils in my greenhouse. I’ll be tickled pink if they work!!

They’ve also had success nematodes against peach borers.

I think I read somewhere that the PCs will fly in from nearby wild chokecherry trees, which are abundant in this area, so I doubt the nematodes would help me. How do they take winters? Does one have to reapply each spring? Keep us posted how they work out, please.

This is a bit old but I’m interested to know if this helped with PC. I manually remove any fallen fruits and thin out anything that looks like it took a bunch of hits but the ornamental fruits in my general area probably provide plenty of safe space for them to breed even with my best efforts.

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