Nesting birds in and near your orchard

I have always provided bluebird nesting boxes near my small orchard. They rapidly feed their babies on the insects from the orchard. For a couple of years now I have also had a nest of doves. As far as I know neither of the two bother my fruit so I have an easy time just appreciating their beauty.
Bluebirds (4)


I have a couple occupied bluebird boxes as well. I also have a Carolina wren that insists on making a nest on my porch every year I made a custom spot in the corner so bird would stop making nests between seat cushions


That’s neat…I might put some boxes up…we just started seeing painted buntings (beautiful birds that aren’t around for long) here, they’ve been coming to the our feeder. Yesterday one flew into the sliding door to our back deck…my wife saw it and thought the little guy was a goner…picked him up and sat him on a log, a few minutes later he flew away…guess he was just stunned…


I have some gourds in different spots, some up in trees and some on poles. I enjoy watching them and my little girl really loves them and their babies! I have a few more gourds that I will also make birdhouses out of this year as well :+1:

Great pic @Auburn


Show off pics of your nesting boxes!

Thanks for sharing!


I have a pair of nesting

blue birds that have had all white eggs for the last three years. Most bluebirds lay light blue eggs.


The bluebirds are growing wing feathers and they will be flying before long.


We have discovered 3 raptor nests throughout our properties. One of them was being actively guarded by a pair, but I’m not yet sure what they are. The other two we’ll keep an eye on and see if they are active nests.


Close up of a chickadee nest- looks like moss and maybe some dog hair! Looks pretty soft and cozy. Last year they made the same thing before a wren came along and filled it the rest of the way with twigs, how rude.

Bought a bluebird box for the other side of the yard.
Might not end up getting it up in time for this year though. I’m in suburbia, anyways. I don’t know that they’d consider us a top notch nesting site?


How about an update, Katelyn? Did your chickadee’s end up using that nest? Did they successfully raise some chicks to adulthood?

Hey Kevin,
I would love to give an update! However, I’m too scared to open the bird house. :joy: I know it’s ridiculous but whenever I open it and a bird flies out at my face it is just terrifying to me. There is a chickadee pair that has been going in and out for a long time now, so this year they were successful at keeping the wrens out. I haven’t heard any peeping though. I will have my husband open it up tonight and I’ll snap a pic of whatever is going on in there.


haha! I understand. I just thought that was a neat start to a nest and I’m a big nature guy. I also have several nests in y orchard right now including one inside the trunk of an old apple tree. SO I was just curious. :slight_smile:

When we first came to live in this house there were a pair or two of violet-green swallows nesting in the attic wall. A piece of trim had broken or rotted (roof above second story - I haven’t tried to get close) giving them access.
The space is probably filled by old nests, so haven’t seen the swallows in years. I built two nest boxes & made a slotted opening to deter house sparrows. Third year up on the garage about 12 feet high; trying to get them in position early enough each year. So far, no residents. I’ll keep trying.

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I have 2 cardinal nests in my yard…one in a grape vine and one in an elderberry. One nest has 4 eggs and the other 3… There might be a cowbird egg in one of the nests. My neighbor across the road says he has a cardinal nest too. Going to be a lot of red birds around here.


We have kingbirds nesting in the orchard and bobolinks nesting nearby, but no pictures to show.


Wrens are building in one of my bluebird boxes. Bluebirds and wrens don’t typically like to nest in the same type location. Hope it goes well for them.


Wrens are one of my favorite birds. When I was a teenager my bedroom was a converted porch, and I had a Carolina wren find a way in and build a nest in my room. Since my mother also loved wrens it was allowed to stay - but she called it a house wren. We ignored each other happily for a season, and then the wren moved on.


My favorites… Kestrels! This year, five eggs.

Evening porch beer, binoculars, a kestrel on a fence post eviscerating a rodent… priceless!

Three chicks in the pic with another two under momma/poppa. These guys are 3-5 days old and have an appointment with the Audubon society for banding in the next couple of weeks. I asked the Audubon guy about having bluebird and kestrel boxes in the same general area a couple of years ago. His response, “a bluebird or two is a small price to pay to have kestrels.” I have to agree.

Bigger picture… I have three kestrel boxes up to give them options. One has four starling chicks. Not excited about them, but there will be fewer bugs so I’m happy. Other boxes seem to have bluebirds and some type of sparrow. When I hunt in the wood line, I can find humming bird nests (what a joy to have them visit the porch!) and have a pair of orioles that are always around. Never seen the nest from them. Just today, I spotted a scarlet tanager.


The kestrels, before I woke them…

And the starlings… meh.


Bobolinks have such a beautiful song! I wish i saw them around here, I interned in an organic farm years back and bobolinks would always sing for us in the early morning.