Never saw coconut grown like that

Interesting video , i wish i understood the propagation method. She used some things to sprout the cocunut i have never seen done.


It appears one ingredient is toothpaste. Another is likely green chartreuse, which would be insane. The potatoes, garlic, and plaintains i’ve more or less used myself. I used banana peels not a plantain. Root vegetables like garlic , vegetables , and potatoes have long been thought to have healing properties in my family and some have natural antibiotic properties. They are good fertilizer for a young tree. Have used raw compost in that way for small cherries it absolutely works. Maybe that was a peeled banana flower im not sure but the juices banana drip from the flower are sweet. The flower is eaten like a vegetable. I’m still not sure i fully understand what im looking at. My guess is the liquor is an antiseptic to prevent molds etc. growing. Perhaps toothpaste is similar to liquor like how we dip potatoes in sulphur.

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Clickbait, sir, clickbait.

It doesn’t make any sense to me what is being done. In coconut growing regions you can simply go to nearby coconut trees and harvest sprouting nuts from beneath somewhat abandoned trees. I would never use such a immature nut and I suspect the one in the first clips was not the one in the second clips and it likely rotted or they ate it lol.

I am tired of asian clickbait videos flooding fruit content. Have you seen the videos where they dye fruits flesh or paint their peels somehow and pretend like there are new cultivars? it’s pretty ridiculous and becomes a big waste of peoples time.

Dwarf Samoan are really cool because they stays short for harvest, they cross pollinate via wind for miles away so usually the seedlings are not dwarf anymore. There are a lot of pests and disease for coconuts when they grow outside optimal conditions. Beetles of some type can bore straight down a mature palm killing it too… Some I used to have had bird holes that later became snake homes. Not a nice surprise for the picker to be 30+ feet up and then have a snake in your face, or harvesting and then being attacked by ants lol.

Dwarf Samoan pretty much has to be imported from Samoa to be truly dwarf. There are various nice varieties like a pink one from india for sweet and productivity, mammoth coconut is a huge one… I miss the medium soft coconut meat fresh out of the nut! yum yum…



It is my understanding that coconut floats in the ocean, later washing up on islands, and transferring the palms to remote locations. The video made little sense, but when you dont know if it is a better way to propagate things, we analyze it.


I understand and am glad to share my experiences and skepticism, I have spent a while in the tropics heavily focused on fruit tree collecting and growing. I did not succeed much with coconuts because the humid environment and those beetles. But I am also familiar with where they did grow well and how they grow etc.

I don’t fully understand how Samoan islands keep their coconuts dwarf, I suppose they kill off any small coconuts that wash up and grow… Islands in the pacific isolated from fruit and human pests over history must have been a real amazing place and time to exist as a human.


i agree with @DroppingFruit that it is sadly a bogus video. That coconut is too green and immature(to germinate) so can’t possibly be the same one as the “final product”.
The bunch of coconuts shown as a headliner was also photoshopped/superimposed against a coconut trunk . They appear to be levitating, and what were photoshopped to look like stalks hanging from the crown of the supposedly dwarf coconut tree are not anatomically correct.
lastly, the toothpaste and other voodoo were just bonkers!

the only thing that appears to be legit and noteworthy in that video was that coconut with two sprouts. Lived in tropics and grew/harvested coconuts for many years and and only seen one with two sprouts

But there really are dwarf coconuts and have seen some green coconuts sold here in usa which were likely from dwarf coconut trees. Dwarf coconuts have smaller fruit but the quality is the same as standard coconuts when picked at the right stage. There are gold coconuts too that are dwarfish and also have same eating/drinking quality if not for the smaller size of fruits.


Last time I was at the Fruit & Spice Park in south FL, we wandered the coconut collection and I was surprised at the range of sizes of both palms and nuts. It’s worth a visit, though many of them are far too tall to sample anything but a fully ripe nut when it falls (and those are also the only ones you’re allowed to eat according to park rules).


It’s indeed staged, the roots shape, the droopy weeds, the disappearing composted organic matter at the bottom placed underneath the nut…