New air blast sprayer Rear’s or Turbo-Mist


I’m looking at a new 400 gallon air blast sprayer. For essentially the same price the choices are a Rear’s P433TTN with 33” fan, electric pressure regulator, and electric controls or Turbo-Must S30P400NS with base equipment plus hydraulic controls and a sump drain. The salesman said the Turbo-Mist is normally at least $3,000 more than Rear’s but there is currently a promotion that brings it down to the price of the Rear’s. Both machines have centrifugal pumps.

I have an old Rear’s and know, when there is a problem, I can call Rear’s and speak to a person that knows the machines inside and out. They provide generic part numbers when possible, and the machine is designed as simple as possible. There are only minor changes between the new machine and my machine that is at least 25 years old. Turbo-Mist seems to base their approach on innovation but I do not know if they provide telephone service to growers or if the innovations are just complications that break. I’d appreciate some advice or feedback from anyone with experience with Turbo-Mist or Rear’s.

IMO you already answered your own question. I am one not to trade out a sure thing (historical quality and customer service) for something that is fancier and more “improved”! Anytime there is that big of a promotional discount it makes me question why that discount is necessary, especially in this economy, where inflation is just part of what the consumer is to expect.

Had my Rears Airblast with electric valves for about 15 years with no problems.

I did notice the university research farm had a Durand Wayland AIrblast sprayer when I was at a Peach growing seminar a few weeks ago. It had a sensor that automatically shut off certain nozzles when a tree was missing to save chemicals and reduce overspray.

I have never seen a Turbo-Mist sprayer in person so I can’t comment on that make. I did notice that the vineyard next to me now uses a European brand of electrostatic sprayer on wine grapes but they do not need to force a bunch of air into the canopy like tree fruit requires… The vineyard owner told me that the new sprayer cut his chemical costs in half which sounded great.

Thanks guys. I agree Rear’s is a sure thing. I actually have 2 - 300 gallon sprayers. A Rear’s with a diaphragm pump and a Durand Wayland with a centrifugal pump. The diaphragm pump failed on the Rears and although the customer service is great the pump is unable to be repaired.

The Durand Wayland is a great machine. Unfortunately, it is aging and small repairs keep popping up. It’s frustrating to have the time and weather to spray stolen by a trivial repair. A new Durand Wayland sprayer was near double the price of the Rears. The sensor sprayer was mentioned, but it seems that option alone was priced over $30,000. I’m sure those numbers work well for larger operations but not for me.

Before writing the check based on my limited experience and sprayer knowledge, I thought it was best to ask you guys about your experiences. Since Turbo-Mist seems to be unknown or not a well established brand, I’m going to eliminate that option. Considering the new Rear’s machine has the preferred pump option, the company is known for simplicity and high quality construction, they have accessible expert help, and it is about half the price of a Durand Wayland, I purchased a new 400 gallon Rear’s Power Blast from SS Equipment. Unfortunately, they are 2,200 miles away and it could take a while to arrive. So far, it has been a great experience.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.