New Albino Blackberry


Looks like there will be a new Thornless Albino Blackberry “Polar” on the market next year. Tissue Cultures are being made @ Hidden Springs and Norse.

Looks to be available preorder from Jackson & Perkins and its trio of sister store fronts. I don’t know them can anyone comment?

Its listed as suitable for containers I think I will get 2 one for inground and one for container.

Best Thornless blackberry?

Can a white berry really be a blackberry? It better taste special because it’s a bit ugly IMO.


just planted 5 of the baby cakes dwarf thornless blackberry. they claim they can be planted in containers and give 2 crops a season. a early florocane and late primocane. this cultivar is new also. should see some fruit next summer. maybe lucky to get a few late summer this year but they’re slow to establish with our cold wet spring. i can’t see a white blackberry tasting too good.


Will this variety confuse birds and SWD?


Looks like a blackberry with 75% less health benefits


My thought as well. Why take out the good part?


White strawberry’s can expose novel flavors of pineapple. Yellow cherries can sometimes escape bird pressure. Lets not knock it till tried. People put a lot of effort to bring this to the public.


I’d grow it for the “fun” factor I like trying different plants. It would at least need to taste good though.


I’m with you on that. I see the novelty, but yellow tomatoes and white fruits don’t make much sense to me. I want my antioxidants!


Anyone got this? I just got one from Henryfields and it is very thorny. thx


Don’t tell @Drew51. I imagine he’ll be all over this white blackberry.

If I am not mistaken, there is a history of white blackberries being discovered on rare occassions. Luther Burbank was said to have successfully bred one.


Yes I’m growing Burbank’s. I decided I have way too many blackberries. So I actually have traded away my whites, Burbank’s white blackberry, and Nettleton’s Creamy white blackberry. I will bare root them The Nettleton’s taste awful to me, and the Burbank is unproductive. I will be putting in some of my honeyberries I have in root pouches in those spots.
I also removing Triple Crown, Navaho, Loch Ness, Columbia Star, and Black Diamond.
I’m keeping wyeberry, Tayberry, boysenberry, Siskiyou, Darrow, and Marion. The former three are early types. These are more than enough. I’m getting 20 gallons a year and can’t get rid of them all or eat near that many. I have 1 gallon from last year left still, it is way out of hand and overboard, so i took action. I probably have enough room now for another tree :slight_smile:


Interesting you’ll be keeping Siskiyou and Marion. Have they really been that successful for you?


A bit, they are both in containers. I may eliminate them eventually. I want to keep Darrow for breeding. I did cross Loch Ness , Columbia Star, and New Berry. But seeds have to germinate outside.
Yeah keeping New Berry too, also in a container and is fairly productive in a container. I going to tip root one for in ground next year. This one is excellent.
Another goal here is to eliminate those that peak during SWD season else I would keep all of them. All listed are decent blackberries. Oh also getting rid of Chester. Probably the lowest quality but when fully ripe is not bad at all.

I also want room for breeding stock to grow. My hobby within a hobby!


you still have natchez are got rid of that one too?


Yes, I hate to, such a huge berry. I have too many though.
To stay on subject i did see these white blackberries, and they do look interesting.
I have to pass for reasons stated.
I’m also cutting out a number of fig trees and trying to keep what I like best. i still have many under evaluation.


i just got one
will compare flavor and productivity in my area over the next few years


one of the retailers gave away the secret. Its the “Nettleton Creamy White”


Maybe if they get a thornless version, would be an interesting to try.


So it IS a floricane variety, @lordkiwi if you get a snowbank blackberry i’d love to see how these compare

here is a review of “polar berry” aka “nettletons creamy white” compared to “snowbank blackberry”

i think i will get one of each now