New Albino Blackberry


The Polar White advertised above is the Nettletons. Still available here

Dont just toss the seedlings. Gorilla garden them at the edge of a park


Thanks Steve, Now I bought the Pink Thimbleberry, Wine Berry and Yellow Black Rasp.


let us know how your wineberry produces. i have one that planted in full sun yielded very small berries i will be trying them this year in shade and was wondering if a different strain would yield better, it says they sourced theirs from south korea, i recently checked the ploidy level on these 14 just like regular raspberries so i suppose these will cross readily with them


Will do. I planned to pluck a wild Wineberry from the local archery lot but I didn’t not make it out once this year. I have drunk plenty of Korean wineberry wine, but I have yet to eat a fresh berry. This plant will at least tip me off when to check the lot.

Rubus Breeding

My Luther Burbank SnowBanks arrived. Tiny little plugs. I brought them in the house and promptly cooked them by leaving them on the dining room table. Very little hope for recovery.


Tell me more about the white fruited blackberries. Are they all floricane or are there primocane varieties? Are they sweeter than the dark fruited ones?

I am hearing you buddy, I have a similar problem.


Both are old cultivars and only floricans exist… Drew51 describes the flavor earlier in the thread. They are really just a novelty. Or a fun addition to home breading programs.


The Burbank ones are very sweet. I gave mine away, but I think I planted a sucker at my cottage, so may be able to supply a plant in the fall. Currently a huge oak fell right on my garden at my cottage. Once I cut it up, and see if it is still alive, I’ll let you know.


Could there possibly be unknown health benefits yet to be discovered in white blackberries?


No, many of the healthy chemicals in plants are in the pigment. Albino berries are just novelties, though some albinos let minor flavors express there self’s, or in other words the absence of the pigment and flavor allows the non pigment flavors to be tasted


This is interesting. I have never heard of non-pigmented flavors.


Well apples and pears are flavorful and have white flesh. Some white strawberries taste of pineapple, others taste of violets.


Can you name a variety like this? Or can you tell me where I can get some seeds? I would love to grow a violet tasting strawberry!


Me too!


Not if you dont want to get in a fight with Driscole


Yes, many antioxidants are colorless. Tetrapyrrolic Chlorophyll Catabolites are colorless and very effective antioxidants About 15 different molecules of this group exist. Formed while fruit is ripening. When you observe the albino berry, when it turns a waxy yellow, it is ripe, and yes that color change indicates the presence of these compounds and also other beneficial molecules. It’s always a plus to include as many beneficial compounds as possible, so eating albino berries are very beneficial to consume antioxidants you normally miss in colored fruit. Magnolia vine berries contain antioxidants that are only present in this berry. I consume over 1000 of them yearly.

As far as tasting like violets, I wouldn’t know, I never ate violets. I have eaten borage flowers and they taste like cucumbers. Very good in salads! So violets could have a very unusual flavor, most flowers do have unusual flavors.


Candied violets are a thing I dont know how much stock I would put into it but some people think violets are a treatment for varicose veins.

My community garden is overrun with violets between the plots. collecting enough to make a large batch of candied flowers should be easy next year.


Interesting I have seen other flowers candied, but not violets.


Candied violets are a french thing and exceedingly expensive. I always have a box on hand as I put them on top of petits fours. There is a company in St. Remy, not far from when I am the company is called le Duq. They also make Bar le Duq white currant jam, as well as their famous candied violets. If you want a picture I will take one for you. The box of violets is a tin and must be kept cool or they will fade to grey. But do not keep them in the fridge. They simply taste of small purple lumpy sugar as the violet taste leaves quickly. It is better to taste violet in syrup, or dark chocolate violet and rose creams.


Wow! I will look into the syrups. I must say though lately I have been so disappointed with commercial products. I don’t want to mention names but recently I tried some somewhat famous jam, and I have made the same kind. Well mine was way better, it wasn’t even a contest. Very disappointed as I was expecting something amazing. A couple years ago I did have some jam made from dried figs, and it was outstanding. I cannot make this good of a fig jam, well not yet! I have yet to taste a syrup that approaches my own syrups too.