New Albino Blackberry


LOL! I take it from the seller of this variety… sorry! :zipper_mouth_face:


Suddenly I’m glad I hadn’t gone through with my Baker Creek Seed purchase. Bramble viruses are no trivial thing. ¿Is there a way to get cleaner stock for this variety? Or is it likely that it wasn’t a virus? (I think they’re tissue-cultured plants, right?)


The white blackberry, as lordkiwi said, is Rubus fruticosus (which is a hodgepodge of different blackberry species and hybrids, usually closely related to or derived from the original fruticosus). The yellow raspberry in your picture is a pale-fruited variant of R. idaeus. Yellow-fruited R. occidentalis are a bit rarer, but available. I think Yellow-fruited R. leucodermis are almost impossible to find in nurseries. I’m planning on getting the yellow R. occidentalis from OIKOS nursery, maybe some time next year. Link here:


I am preaty sure they are in the clear now. Both plants recovered and look healthy. Growing from tissue clones rather then daughter plants likely accounted for the slow growth.


That’s good to hear! … … … Might I trouble you for a daughter plant?

Also, whatever happened to the green-fruited one? Did you ever get them to sprout?


The Snowbank has not had enough time to produce daughters yet. However the Polar has and I should be able to send one after full dormancy sets.

The Green berry seeds are sitting safe on my shelf. I was not able to give them my full attention and I did not want to waste them. I have my seed starting area setup in my 3 season room and it will be my winter project.


Alright then! Let me know when the polar is ready, and keep me updated on the Snowbank. Extended breeding and selection between the two should yield some interesting results.

I wonder if R. imperialis is more likely to produce white, yellow or green progeny when crossed with white or yellow berries. Incidentally, is it closer to raspberries or blackberries on the family tree? It does retain the torus when picked, if I remember correctly.


Anyone have an answer on the pollination issue? I have twenty of them, every single one flowered massively, but I didn’t get a single darn fruit this year. It’s not an issue of not having pollinators…


It might be virus infected causing no fruit . While most blackberries self pollinate there are exceptions within a species . I have a seedling that does not self yet the parent plant that produced the seed does self pollinate .


When in doubt cross pollinate. Polar aka ‘Nettleton Creamy White’ came from a wild selection in Illinois, any Rubus allegheniensis or wild American blackberry would be its kin.


From all of my research Its blackberry kin. I am hoping to breed hardiness into it and retain the green color. Sadly the research with the most knowledge on the topic died a couple of years ago tragically.


That’s unfortunate, may he rest in peace.

If you manage to get the seeds growing, you’ll be able to continue research with it yourself, at least from a horticultural context.