New apple from the Great White North

Slow news day I guess, so I figured I’d post this:


Very good. No reason Canada needs to import apples. Actually, no reason any of us having some land needs to buy many apples.


GWN: As a nick-name for Canada, I get it, but the apple orchard mentioned is south of my Portland, Oregon latitude.


Oh interesting. I haven’t heard of this one and I’m in Ontario. I’ll keep an eye out for it.


Good point. Believe southernmost Ont is S of northernmost CA. (sure I read that someplace one time).


Quick look at a map shows it could be -if not it’s close!

@ECSask yup it’s true. I remember learning this in Geography class back in school. We Canadians get a kick of out it haha.

“…orchard’s founders says has a complex yet distinctive flavour: crisp, juicy, with an initial sharpness that’s quickly undercut with a sweet tanginess”. Doesn’t that describe a large percentage of apples? Does “distinctive flavour” mean it tastes significantly different from other apples? Wonder how the storage time is and how often they need to be sprayed in the orchid.

I’m directly north of (one of) the southern-most points of Ontario.

South east of my location is Windsor, Ont.

I go frequently as the drive is less than 20 minutes (if the border cooperates)