New apple varieties by Midwest Apple Improvement Association


I don’t know why they call M 111 “semi dwarf”. It is supposed to grow up to 80-90 % of an full size apple tree. Meanwhile, M7, also called semi dwarf, is about 65% of a standard tree.

I am surprised that your tree in M 111 flowers this early. Mine are super dwarf rootstock already so I’ll let them fruit if they have cross pollination partners.

@BobVance, hope we can compare fruit this year.


Any Rubinnete apple updates? I chopped down most of my apple trees to make room for the low maintenance Honey Jar Jujubes. I left one multi grafted apple tree with Red Fuji, Hudson Golden Gem, Kiku seedling, Yellow Delicious, K. De Sonneville, Clark in KS seedling apple, and just grafted Stan Rubinnete Scions to it.



My Crunch Bunch which I planted last year Seemed to get sickly and so I cut it back to right above the graft. It came back and is putting shoots out, but I’m guessing three years before I get to try.


Is your on M27 or M 111?


The small one. I needed to squeeze it in between two other trees.


Last summer I saw a CrunchABunch at Lowe’s for sale for $49.00…or maybe 46 I forget.
It was a 7 gallon…that had been topworked by grafting 8 or 10 limb tips with this new variety!

I looked it over, but decided not worth it. (Any pruning would have removed the variety…and it was probably a red delicious or something once you got back into older wood.)


Did you plant Baker’s Delight?

My Crunch A Bunch flowered last year but I pinched off the flowers. This year both have a lot of flowers.

Baker’s Delight likely will blooms first.

Baker’s Delight flowers stay at this stage for several days now. We have no sun, no heat so blooms aren’t open.


No I ran out of space. Even my crunch a bunch is squeezed.


Wow they must be early producers with that many flowers.


There are flowers everywhere on both trees. The tallest branches of both trees are only 4 ft tall. I think I will let both trees bear fruit this year if they could get cross pollination. Bad weather and sparse blooms from other apple trees could cause a production issue.

@BobVance also has blooms on his tree.


Don’t buy Crunch a Bunch in a low chill climate. We had our best chilling in 3 yrs. My third leaf tree is 4 ft tall. It’s barely started to leaf out. I’m done thinning Goldrush at the same time.

Crunch a Bunch this morning.

Goldrush for comparison.


You are spot on. I compare Baker’s and Crunch. Both are on dwarf rootstockes planted same time in 2017. Same growth rate but Baker’s put out a lot more leaves than Crunch. Crunch’s leaves tend to congregate at the ends of its limbs.

Baker’s Delight

Crunch A Bunch


First sunny day in a week. Baker’s Delight flowers happily open up.
Here’s the pic.

Crunch A Bunch’s flowers are not ready to open yet.


@TonyOmahaZ5 I have Rubinette on a multigraft, about 5 years. The first year it fruited, I was not impressed. The apples were cracked and misshapen. But last year they were very good, and people who I share apples with preferred them over all of my varieties. Except me, I still think I like Jonagold and Gravenstein better. Rubinette is definitely very good. We will see how they do this year. Bloom time was about middle of my apple varieties.


Thanks ,Bear. I am cutting down on my inventory on apple trees. I just want to keep a few good varieties on a multi grafted trees for my kids and future grand kids.


Crunch A Bunch started blooming on 5/10/19. The unopened buds have paler color and the open blooms are mostly white.

Crunch A Bunch blooms about a week after Baker’s Delight. Some of their blooms overlap a bit.


Those closeups of the flowers show a bunch of pollen in the blooms. I can’t have an apple in my collection with such a silly name.


Chikn, the name rankles me too.


For me, it’s the Wowza cherry. That name is as silly as Crunch A Bunch. I think some of us bought Crunch A Bunch because it’s advertised as a better Gold Rush. I hope I will find out later this year.

We have not had many days of good weather for pollinators to go to work. Also, I have very few apple blossoms blooming in the yard this year. I have hand-pollinated them on days that it did not rain


So, give it a new name. Even big nurseries have been known to do that!