New apple varieties by Midwest Apple Improvement Association


Same thing here also, but I started thinning fruit on Ashmead’s, first time ever, and it seemed well pollinated.


Golden Rush!

Help me pick apple varieties for my new place

Golden Rush (I like the name) has such a long blooming time. Some at petal fall, others have not even opened yet.

@BobVance, how are your trees?


My little stick of a tree is making flowers. This is obviously going to be a productive tree. I sure hope it lives up to the buzz.


I cheated and one is growing on my stick of a tree.


I let both BD and CaB keep so may fruit. They may runt!!

Baker’s Delight

Crunch A Bunch


Awesome you’ll see if Golden Rush is similar to its parent.


You bet. If you ever come by this way later this month. Stop by to try them yourself. I think BD will ripe in the next 2-3 weeks.

CaB may take longer.


apples looking good, interested to hear a review.


The apples on Baker’s Delight got eaten by animals (I think). At least, there isn’t anything on the branch now. The backup of Crunch-a-bunch produced 2 apples. I picked the one on the right, as there is a spot of damage on it (better to pick it, before it expands).

It also looks like mine have been having some problems with their leaves.

Yes and no (from my extensive sample size of 1 apple…). CAB has the same citrus/lemony taste that Goldrush has. You can see the family resemblance there. On the other hand, the brix is much lower. My apple was 13-14 brix. It isn’t as acid as GR can be though- this may be what they are referring to when they say “Improved version of Goldrush”). A GR at 13 brix would probably make your eyes water :slight_smile:

CAB also seems to be much earlier apple, as it seemed to be about ready when I picked it. I brought it, a Gala, and a Baldwin into work. Depending on people’s tastes, the Gala and the CAB were the winners. I liked the Baldwin (“Colby Baldwin” to be precise, as I have a couple Baldwin variants grafted next to each other), but it was still a bit acid and only 12 brix, while the Gala was still crunchy and 16 brix. I think CAB had the most interesting flavor of the 3.

Have you tried either yet? CAB may actually be ripe soon- Gurney’s says that it is a mid-September apple.


Today, I went out and tried to pick Baker Delight and Crunch A Bunch. They did not budge. I guess mine will need at least one more week to ripen.

The leaves and the apples of mine look quite clean. I did spray Immunox in the spring before bagging.


Just picked and ate my one and only Crunch A Bunch and it’s great. Very much like its parent! I’m eating it as I write. What a great job they did!


This could end up replacing Goldrush in my garden. Outstanding!


I will pick my first tomorrow to see how it tastes. Your area is a bit warmer.

I will pick one Baker’s Delight and one Crunch a Bunch to try.


I looked and ripeness is mid September. So I took a shot. Very long stem on my apple.


@alan Is that Marssonina leaf blotch on @BobVance’s apple tree?

I’m not familiar with that particular disease, but it doesn’t look like scab or CAR.


You’d be very familiar with sooty blotch and fly speck if you lived here. Goldrush is a star magnate for the blotch.

MLB is a much greater problem for the home grower because those two summer fungi are merely cosmetic and fruit is sound underneath. MLB is a problem because it deprives trees of the energy they otherwise use to sweeten fruit and assure a crop the following year.

It attacks leaves and not fruit (at least not directly- it just robs it of everything the leaves provide it). .


Oh yeah,I’m very familiar with sooty blotch and fly speck. We get sooty blotch and fly speck here bad with the constant 70 degree plus dew point and adequate rain (most years) from May 15 to September 15.

I was more curious if the leaf symptoms are characteristic of Marssonina leaf blotch, and knew you had posted about it here before.


My eyes went right to the apples. MLB is almost impossible to tell from other defoliating fungus on leaves. It does create blotches of dark purple and brown mixed with yellows and reds. Goldrush and most yellow apples seem to be particularly susceptible.

New apple disease in the Northeast

Glomerella looks similar to MLB and can be a big problem here.

I have both and its hard for me to tell the difference between GLS and MLB before the fruit with GLS starts to rot .

Varieties with Golden Delicious parents seem to be more susceptible to both, especially GLS