New Asian pear planting question

So, it took me 3 years to get my Asian pear (Tawara), it is supposed to be hardy to my zone (4b) and be a pollinator for my Summer Crisp. I am planning to pair with the future U of MN release “Juicy Jewel,” their first Asian pear for a northern climate.
Here is my question - I just picked it up and have never planted this late into the summer. It has quite a bit of fruit on it. Any thoughts on getting it into the ground? Should I plant now, in the heat and pick off all fruit - or wait and leave it in the pot and see what the fruit does and plant in the fall? Thanks for any suggestions!


Every time I have planted in the heat of summer the trees completely defoliated. They all came back next year though. I would at least take some (most) of the fruit off. Taking the fruit off promotes root growth instead of fruit.