New Bare Root Peach Won't Grow

I planted three new bare root peach trees this year, an Earlystar and PF9A-007 from Adams County Nursery, and a Glohaven from Van Well Nursery here in Washington. The Glohaven leafed out with tiny little leaves and is not growing at all. The other two trees are growing very well. The pics below show the difference.
Earlystar below:

Glohaven below:

I have purchased half a dozen trees fron Van Well in the past and they all grew well.

Any idea why this one tree is just sitting there?

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I don’t know if it will apply to your situation. I think it is an issue with the roots or the soil condition for the roots.

When my Winblo just sat there, barely grew, for a year, I dug it up the following spring. The graft died and I saw almost no root growth. I built a mound, planted it high off the ground. The thing has grown. Now I grafted several varieties on the rootstock.

In my situation, the original spot was too wet for that tree.

When a tree does not grow as it should, it’s often something going on (or not) under the soil.


Thanks Tippy. I am thinking that is probably what is going on.

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Did u pull it with a rootball with soil or bareroot it when u moved it?
Ive always moved stuff with root and soil intact. its for some reason other than being runty so i never free up the roots (its usually bc i am moving stuff for better sun)

I have a lagging runty Frostbite tho - and i am thinking yr right, its something with the planting spot. With this one do u think i should knock all the soil free and start over or move it as i usually do with its own soil?

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When I dug it up, it’s early spring. The tree was dormant. The graft was already dead (brown wood).

I dug it up to figure out what the problem could be. The soul was quite moist/wet. I knocked off some soil (as gently as I could) to see the roots. Almost no new root growth ( white new roots).

I could either threw it away or replanted it. I took a chance and planted it in a higher ground. It worked.

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Ty. I will probably do the same

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