New bush UofSask cherry available in US

Honeyberry USA
Has just made some new bush cherries, available for shipment Monday, if you order by Sunday.
Quoting their email they sent out tonight:
" D’Artagnan , Cupid , Valentine , small Carmine, Juliet, Crimson Passion and Evans can ship Nov. 7 if you get your order in by Sunday night. Please send us an email along with your order indicating if you would like to take advantage of our fall shipping.

If you order contains Romeo or the larger Carmine and Juliet your order will ship in the spring when we get the larger plants in from our supplier."

I ordered two Cupid I have been wanting it for a while with it’s later bloom time and larger nice size fruit, there just becoming available here in the US, a new offering at HoneyberryUSA.
And one each of the more tart Valentine and D’Artagnan. Those are also just getting available here I think.
I already have a few others and am excited to add to my list, of these, these cherries are one of the more promising things for our drier harsh central Kansas weather torture chamber.
He said my order was #5, they sent the email out a few hours ago.
Get your order in if interested! :smile:


Thanks for the heads up!



I planted Juliette, Roméo, Cupidon et Passion Rouge a long time ago (May 2016). Accessibility to SK series has always been easy in Canada. By the way it should not be that difficult to translate the above names into their English equivalents, right?

I get decent harvest. Taste is good (for tart cherries), size if OK but nothing special.

I have 2 North Star tart cherry trees and I consider them above the SK series in terms of size and taste. Only my honest opinion.



thats interesting as north star is a parent for, i believe, carmine jewel.

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Most of these I could find either on the internet for cheap or I could have gotten some of them from The Tree Farm if I was willing to drive a bit and spend a lot of money. Carmine Jewel is widely sold online and has been sold online here for along time. Juliet and Romeo have been sold at a decent amount of places too in the USA including honey berry usa. Crimson Passion has more more rare in the USA but it was sold at Honeyberry USA for a bit too. Evans is sold many places but I guess Honeyberry USA sells it on it’s own roots which makes it more unique and allows it to grow in a bush form. I could always get Cupid at our local Tree Farm. It is just that it is a 40+ minute drive and their Cupid trees are 120 dollars when I inquired about them two years ago. They were also sold out for the season since it was so rare and they sell them in 7 gallon pots there so they are a big more established I should say. HoneyBerry USA carrying them is more affordable and makes them easier to get now too. Valentine I will admit was not obtainable in the USA before though. D’Artagnan is newer so there is not a lot of information on it. I did not know it existed until this post. many articles on the romance series are older so don’t mention this variety. According to Honeyberry USA it is similar to Carmine Jewel but with lots of suckering. I see that as a good and bad thing. Of course if you are getting a bush cherry you want it to be a bush but in the first year my Carmine Jewel put out a sucker and I would say even though most would like a lot of suckering at first it could get old if it is too much suckering. if it tastes similar to Carmine jewel I say just get Carmine Jewel.


i have c.j, romeo, 2 juliet, lutowka rose, montmorency and 2 nankings that are 4 -5 yrs old. these new ones dont have anything more to offer that these dont already cover. besides im getting a few suckers every year so no need to buy more. im cherried out. plan to graft more z4 hardy sweet cherry varieties to my monty though. have 2 so far.