New Crop of Apples in Supermarket

A few supermarkets in my area have Apples from different areas this year.

Apples from NY, VA, NC and Pennsylvania plus the normal apples from Washington

They look to be this year’s apples from cold storage rather than last years apples from CA storage

Cameo, Winesap, Fuji, Snap Dragon and a few others

Really liked the Snap Dragons.


Me too. I’ve had a few that were a little too fruity flavored (like a fruit punch juice box or something), but I’ve also had some excellent ones.


My wife who was raised next to an Apple orchard in Virginia does not like Apples except for Snap Dragon. It was a big surprise when I saw her eating the Snap Dragons

I’m really happy about finally having a better selection of Apples to choose from in at least one supermarket, especially something that is not 10 months old from Controlled Atmosphere storage.

I used to focus on apple varieties when I was in the supermarket but I have learned that the grower/packer is almost as important as the variety.

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Haven’t tried Snap Dragon.

But, I did buy 3# for 99 cents … of Red Delicious and of Macintosh … harvested in Ohio and sold at one of the grocery chains. This year’s crop. Still, picked a little before full ripeness and so I’d say they rate a B+ perhaps.

Made a cobbler out of the Macs…tasted ok, but apples cooked to mush.

Seems like the “fresh” apples I have been buying in the Supermarket are a Lot better than what comes from CA storage during the off season.

Wonder how picking apples headed to long term storage before they are completely ripe would change their flavor? I believe I know!

"It is recommended that for storing fruits under CA for more than 6 months, fruit should be harvested at a stage before the onset of ripening known as the pre-climacteric stage, a stage when there is little to no ethylene production. Fruit in the pre-climacteric stage will exhibit higher flesh firmness and starch content, and a background color that has not yet totally turned yellow. It is important to harvest apples bound for CA in this stage so that ripening is not induced on the stored apples. "


Apples from a well stocked Food Lion in Fishersville VA. Nice selection!


I found some Goldrush for sale at Shady Maple in Lancaster today. That was exciting!


Are they from the US or from Belgium? Last year’s apples or this year’s?

Maybe you’ll have that many apples from your trees one year soon. :wink:

Someone took the pic for me. I don’t know.

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Any Apples in handle bags with the name of the grower on the bag in your Foodlion?

I’m seeing more apples in those handle bags from east coast growers in my local Foodlion this year.

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I haven’t noticed that but I’ll definitely look for it. I admire that connection from grower to consumer. There should be more of that.