New favorite tool: collinear hoe

I got one of these last fall, and have really liked using it to weed the gardens where there’s bare soil (mostly the veggie garden). Makes it super fast and easy to clean up small weeds. I prefer it to the stirrup/hoop hoe.



Please post a photo when you get time of how it’s improved I’m always looking for easier!


I have this style from Johnny’s: Standard Collinear Hoe – 7" Fixed Blade | Johnny's Selected Seeds

Looks like Rogue Hoe also makes one: 80C – 8″ Colinear Hoe | Rogue Hoe Distributing, LLC

It’s nice because it’s extremely lightweight and has a long handle. Blade comes unsharpened, I sharpened it on a wheel and it slices right thru the weeds. It’s not going to be super effective on established/dense weeds, but to maintain a bed it’s great.

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I bet I would like that too…

I have a long handle single tine cultivator that I often use for tight work… then a 4" and 7" stirrup hoe’s that I use for more open areas. Makes quick work of weeds.

Shallow cultivation is KEY to success with weeds… try to only disturb the top inch or so of soil when you weed… (very easy with tools like this) and each time you do that the seed that is in sprouting distance of surface, decreases with each hoeing… by the time you hoe it 3 or 4 times… hardly any weed seed left to germinate… and the plants are usually big enough at that point to shade out the weeds.

Back in the 90’s I watched Elliot Coleman use one of those a lot… I just have not bought one and tried it out yet. I am sure I would like it.


my father engineered something that looked just like that back 30 +yrs ago. had a old hoe break off at the bend and he welded a thin piece of 8in. metal to it then grinded both edges till fairly sharp. i still have it and use it. never knew there was a actual tool name for it. cool!


Tractor Supply sells one similar.

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I purchased Johnny’s Collinear Hoe with the replaceable head this spring and I don’t care for it at all. I expected it would be sharpened for use on both the push and pull strokes but it’s only sharp on the pull stroke. Also, the blade is held on with two Phillips panhead screws screwed from the bottom up to two nuts atop the mounting plate. Why this wasn’t made with two recessed, countersunk screws into threaded holes in the mounting plate is beyond me. The two panheads and nuts make pulling the hoe through the soil more difficult, it would be much smoother with the smaller profile.

My work horse for weeds… 7 inch blade sharpens front and back… easy to cultivate shallow… works forward and back.

See any weeds ?

Nope… because it really works.


The premise of the collinear hoe is to reduce soil disturbance, reducing weeds. Everyone likes different tools!


I use a scuffle hoe as well, I was hoping to use the collinear hoe for more detailed weeding. My scuffle hoe is from Johnny’s and appears to be the same hoe as the A.M. Leonard, just painted red.
@ampersand I still like the collinear hoe design, I just chose the wrong one. I’m going to check with Johnny’s to see if they will let me send this hoe head back in exchange for the one with a fixed blade/head.