New fruit protection bags

I have just ordered these in three different sizes. I found them on French amazon. Does anyone else use these? I will use them against birds as I have little insect pressure.


I use them on grapes against birds.
Work great…no longer any too-early bid pecks that lead to rot.


I think they’re known as “organza bags.” I plan on buying some.

if those are the same as the organza bags sold on us amazon, I’ve used them for a couple years now for apples and pears vs. codling moth. they work great and I have some that are still usable after two seasons. I use 5x7" for most things and 6x9" for very large apples

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I can’t tell if those are nylon bags or typical organza bags. Can’t tell what kind of material it is.

I hope they are the nylon ones from the red strings in the pic.

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I see “nylon mesh” in fine print

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I have been very successful using lunch size zip lock bags on apples. But I would like to find somei inexpensive way of doing peaches/grapes, etc if anyone knows of any.

How much are these bags? Can you get a large bunch of grapes in them?

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My experince with tight fittting nylon stockings was bad, the bug just stink the fruit right through them. And so you still get coddling moth and apple maggot type problems.

Have you seen this thread?

All kinds of bags to answer you.

Re- evaluating bagging fruit.

They are nylon, not organza. I have birds wanting to peck cherries and apricots. Only problem. Not bad.

They are nylon, not organza and are re-usable. Organza bags never worked for me. You get 100 for about 25 euros. $28 US. I like the fact that I can use them for years. I bought them on amazon/France. They come in 3 different sizes.
The birds I have are smaller than your catbirds, which thank goodness we do not have. We have a very good amount of swallows as well, that love insects.

It is a small pesky, wren-like bird that loves cherries. The French net but rarely bag.

These are the organza ones I’ve re-used for several years on grapes. They are listed as 8"x12"… but opening is really 7"x10", big enough for largest grape clusters.

Tippy, I remember cold winter nights in RI, watching a movie and cutting the corners of boxes of zip lock bags. I didn’t like that they kept humidity / water in the bag along with too many earwigs.

I used those to cover my Concord grapes. My racoon population thought they were party favors and ripped the bags off of my vines, emptied each and every bag, then left them scattered all over the ground; Not to be bothered cleaning up after the party!

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I use organza bags on figs, grapes, blueberries, blackberries.

Helps with insects… even swd… and birds.

When figs first show ripe color i tie one on tightly… then a few days later when fully ripe… harvest perfect figs… no bugs ants… no wasps or hornets.

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My organza bags have lasted 4 years now. (I’ve washed and dried mine at the end of the season). The colors have faded and the material is bit more fragile. I have them in 1000’s at one point.

Besides using them on figs, they are useless for plums, peaches or nectarines. OFM and PC lay eggs through them. I don’t have grapes.

I like my nylon bags very much. They cost more than organza bags but the give better protection and last a long time.

I call these bags “nylon” but I really don’t know how to call the material they are made of correctly. It definitely is not the same material used for women’s stockings. These “nylon” is flexible plastic material.

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There are many different types of Nylon, most tooth brush bristles are made of Nylon, which I am guessing is a very similar kind of Nylon to what is used to make the Nylon net bags.