New grafts

I have a small pear tree that I grafted 4 different pears on to make a 5 in one tree. I used plastic tie tape that dose not deteriorate and I don’t know how long to leave the tape before cutting it off. Any thoughts on this would help.

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The graft is well healed together with that much growth. But I’d probably leave it another month unless it seems to be getting too tight. That’s not going to girdle the limb any time soon unless it’s growing very fast.

Thanks fruitnut I was hoping you would give your advice. It was just that I used plastic tie tape that I have never used before. It looks like it worked grate all grafts took. They were just growing so fast I did not know how long to wait. I will watch them close for girdling and leave them as long as they look ok. Thanks again you always give me confidence Thanks again .

John your grafts look great. How long ago did you preform the grafting?

The grafts were made on 2-1-2015 They seem to be doing grate. I was just scared to leave the plastic tie tape on to long but did not want to take it off too quickly . Was scared the grafts would brake from there own weight or wind I am new at a lot of this stuff. Thanks for the comments.

Great work John! Now your pear tree will. be self pollinating andhabe 5 kinds if pears.