New growth keeps dying. Noone on the internet seems to know what this is


I’ve posted a topic here a few weeks ago regarding new growth wilting and, it has yet to be resolved and I just don’t know what to do anymore :pensive:.

Basic overview;
It’s currently summer here, and in the past month or so I have noticed new shoots attempting to grow, but the leaves simply shrivle and die on the branch. They are also abit sticky to the touch too, probably from sap. They smell like sap too.

I checked the roots, they are white and growing, they are potted with good drainage and I water frequently. The weather hasn’t been too crazy where I live.

But every time there is a new shoot, poof, it just decides to die. No growth is being managed on any of my trees. (Peaches, cherries and plums)

Here is a picture of what it looks like. I cut off a branch that had a few shoots like that one.

Hope someone might know what this is!

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This might be a bad case of brown rot blossom and twig blight caused by the fungus Monilinia laxa.