New Hardiness Zone Map

Who has checked out the USDA’s new hardiness zone map?
We jumped to 6a. We are in a frost pocket, so we are often much several degrees colder than friends who live 2 miles away, but based a lowest lows alone, it is accurate. We have not hit 23.3°F in more than a dozen years.

How well do you think the new map matches your experience?


I moved from 8a to… 8a. But I’m only a few miles from 8b now.


79 commenters?

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Sorry, I didn’t see Fusion Power’s post even after I did a search. I wouldn’t have posted. It still does not show up in my feed. Why would that be?


Weird, don’t know why it wouldn’t have. Maybe too new and hasn’t been indexed yet.

I think I solved the problem. After I clicked on the link and reached the thread, I noticed several places where I was asked if I wished to open hidden posts or replies. I didn’t know there were such things in this forum. I don’t know how they got hidden. If I did it myself it was by accident. Anyway, the original post shows up on the main page now, and all the comments are there. Quite strange. Never happened before.

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Here in Cape Charles, Virginia it didn’t change. It’s still 8a.

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The new map shifts Spokane, WA, to 7a, consistent with what we’ve seen for two decades. Sure, it’s been colder now & then, but the average is right.

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