New Harrow pear release to come (HW623)

So I came across this:

Blind taste testing beat Bartlett, Bosc, and Anjou. Fireblight resistant.

Contract for commercialization was due January 2015. Have not found any info on final name or nurseries. Probably still too early.

Only other mentions I have found is:


I want to add a couple new pears so am trying to figure out what to plant which is why I came across this.

For those who are interested.


Thanks, sounds like a very promising pear cultivar. I wonder if it is available to the retail hobby orchardist? Or, if it’s got a name, yet. And wondering about the chill hours as well.

Patty S.

Thank you for posting the new data! @TheFluffyBunny said it would be coming ReplytoOlpea-topic Harrow Program Pears and I’ve been waiting! Was glad to read your posts on this! The new data is very interesting. I love this pear already! The other harrow pears have proven difficult to get. I have harrow delight and Sweet but none of the others yet.

I am still waiting for the Magness pears to appear at the local farmstand; they are usually the best pears every year.

In the meantime, this year’s Harvest Queen pears (another Harrow production) were far and away the best so far. They were better than candy. If pears were always that good, then nations would go to war over those pears.

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I’m growing harvest queen but did not realize it was of that quality. I read it was excellent but figured it was more of a Bartlett style pear rather than seckle or Comice quality. Magness is seckle x Comice.

Harvest Queen does have Bartlett in its ancenstry, but it is superior in taste and texture, AND is blight resistant. This year’s Harvest Queens were unbelievable. They blew me away.

Photo was taken on Aug 7, 2016. Everyone who tasted these with me also thought they were really good.


Thanks Matt I’m Looking forward to trying them. Potomac is another I’m reading really good things about.

Thank you for posting. Very interesting info.

@Matt_in_Maryland, does your Harrow Sweet bear fruit this year?

The only two pear varieties in the article that were rated excellent in taste/flavor are Harrow Sweet and HW 623. Harvest Queen was not included in that category. Imagine that?

I am waiting to hear from anyone if they know how to obtain HW 623. Look like it is worth planting the whole tree.

OMG, those are beautiful, Matt. They look like even better than store-bought fruit. Perfect! What a pretty pear! :pear:

Thanks, but I must remind folks I did not grow this batch; they came from a local orchard.

I did graft Harvest Queen into my orchard this year. @TheFluffyBunny was generous in sending me scions last winter. But I have not fruited it at my place yet. Early days…

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My small Harrow Sweet pear made one fruit last year, but I picked it too early; it never ripened properly.

This year, a few flowers, but no fruit set. We had a terrible late freeze event in April which did not help.

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Sorry to hear that your HS did not set fruit for your this yesr. Hope it save the energy to grow bigger and stronger.

I let mine set fruit from year 2 on. Not sure whether or not it is a reason why the tree stays small and has not grown much. It could also be a location. It was planted too close to a row of my neighbor’s pine trees and it does not get much sun.

I let 10 fruit on it this year. If it is runted out, so be it.

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I’m with you. I let pretty much everything bear at least enough for a taste in 2nd year if they try to set fruit. I’m only 1 early frost away from total flower loss or 1 test winter away from dying back to graft union so I say let them produce fruit (in a reasonable quantity) when they can because who knows what next year will bring. That said, within the next 2-3 years I should have more fruit that I know what to do with so runting out is really not a concern for me.

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This looks like the perfect pear to me. Beautiful shape, size and color. Perfect reviews… disease resistant AND hardy! Wow!! :heart_eyes:

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I don’t remember if Whiffletree sold it last year, but they do this year: “Dewdrop” pear.

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I @clarkinks and I are planning to move to Canada temporarily :grin:


Lol @mamuang

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