New here; looking for KS and OK growers

This site was recommended to me from someone on another site who lives in a different region of the country than I do. He thought I might have more luck finding region specific answers than I was finding over there.

Anyway, I’m new to this fruit growing thing but am enjoying it immensely. A couple of yrs ago I planted 3 pears and 2 crabs. Last yr I planted some Che, a Mulberry, a Tigertooth Jujube, Elderberry cuttings (they produced the first yr), and some blackberry. This yr I’ve planted 1 more crab, 3 apples, and another type of pear. I’ve also planted various nuts such as Chinese Chestnut and several types of oak but suspect you guys don’t care much for those.

Anyway, what lead me here is lack of specifics to southern Kansas. Anyone here that has experience in this area? What’s working for you and what didn’t?

Thanks a ton!


Welcome a board Catscratch!


Welcome Jason. @clarkinks is located in Kansas but I don’t know what part. I often wish I lived close enough to visit his place and see if I could learn a little of his vast knowledge. Bill


Hello Jason, and welcome to the forum. As Bill said, @clarkinks, is in KS, close to Kansas City, I think. He’s kinda the pear guru on here. There’s also @Olpea, who lives south of KC, who runs a peach orchard. Plus, there’s @mksmth, who is in the Tulsa area, and @Derby42, who although he’s close to Springfield, MO, that’s somewhat close to these other guys.

I grew up in the Tulsa area, but am now in Kentucky, so I can’t really help you, but these guys ought to offer some advice. One of the best things about the forum is all the free advice from some very knowledgeable folks.

So, you’re in southern Kansas, whereabouts? That’s a good pecan growing area, we’re trying grow some up here, but it may be a long shot, but thought we’d give it a try.


Which end of Kansas are you in, the east is vastly different than the west as I’m sure you are aware.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys/gals!

Turkey, good to “see” you. We are part of too many forums!

Derby, I’m in the central part (south of Wichita). Not quite east, not quite west, kind of a mix. I’m basically on the southern tip if the flint hills.

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Welcome! Beautiful area you live in. My wife and I drove through there for the first time last year, and were really surprised by the beauty of the Flint Hills region.

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Welcome catscratch the climate there is fairly close to Oklahoma’s climate. Pears grow wonderful there! It’s a bit warmer so poncirus trifoliata I’m told do well there.

That is a very nice part of Kansas. How is your spring going? My peach trees are bloomed out and looking at 22 degrees tonight.

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Welcome Catscratch,

As Subdood point out, I’m up near KC, but am very familiar with the southern KS. My wife is from Coffeyville. My mother-in-law owns farm property in Cowley and Elk County.

I don’t grow anything you mention except blackberries. It sounds like you are trying to grow stuff completely no spray for the most part.

Blackberries, mulberries, and elderberries are very susc. to SWD, so you may have to start spraying at some point to protect those fruits. I have a friend who is a big elderberry grower in Nevada MO. He has had to start spraying for SWD.

Blackberries and mulberries are more favored for SWD.


Thanks! It is beautiful country. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the country.

Thanks. I travel to and from Tulsa/OKC sometimes and have noticed it’s about the same except for a couple weeks difference. They tend to bloom a couple of weeks before us.

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Derby, I have a tree starting to bloom and the same forecast for freezing weather. I imagine this will happen most yrs for my early bloomers.

Olpea, I’m in Cowley, can’t be too far from your MIL’s places.

I’ve focused on not spraying but I don’t think it would be a big deal to start some stuff that needs a little extra attention.

What is SWD?

You’re really gonna get hooked now catscratch :slight_smile:

Dang it smsmith, you don’t have any other forums that I should join do you? I’m running out of time to frequent all of these new places! :slight_smile:



This is really the best forum out there for growing fruit. Seriously, there is nothing that comes close to comparing for varied fruit experience to this forum. I’ve been a member or read many fruit forums over the last decade and this is currently the best one by far.

Re: SWD It is a type of fruit fly introduced to the U.S about 5 or 6 years ago. Unlike most fruit flies, it attacks pre-ripened fruit. The flies have a very short life cycle and love ripening or pre-ripening berries. The abbreviation stands for Spotted Wing Drosophila.


I can’t really comment too much on fruit as I’m still a novice myself but I have live in Tulsa for 38 years so I know the climate really well. We have similar climate as you maybe a touch warmer at times. I have a good friend in Wichita that is growing palm trees so you can grow a lot there too! You’ll for sure want to get trees that won’t bloom too early. I’m learning stone fruit will be a crapshoot every year but I think I’ll be able to count on apples/pears for sure.

Thanks everyone for the replies and warm welcome. It appears that there are more people familiar with my climate and area than I expected. I’m going to start a specific thread asking about fruit for my area so that this introductory one can die out.