New house new orchard

Well a new house means new orchard. 4 trees came from the old place. I went with 12’x12’ spacing this time. Old orchard I tried 4’ between trees and 8’ rows and it was just too much work. Just need to figure out where the blackberry patch will be now. On a side note we haven’t moved in yet and the old orchard is loaded this year. I figured it would be since it’s in it’s 3rd year.



Cool. So did you stay in Bixby or move to another town? Are you going to be able to move any more trees from the old place, or are they just too big? What are we looking at in the pics, besides your helper?

I was in BA for three weeks, came back home a couple weeks ago, brought Mom with me. She’s enjoyed her time here, and will be going back home next weekend. At least it finally warmed up and stopped raining for a few days enough for us to enjoy some time outside.

We moved about 3 streets away. Lol. Big move right. The others are too big now. Atleast for me to try and move. Apples so far are honeycrisp Jonathan Winesap.didnt really plan on the last 2 but I paid $10 each so why not try. I Want to get another Fuji. Peaches so far are red Haven Elberta loring and harko nectarine. Plums so far are santa Rosa Superior and a 4n 1 pluot with flavor queen, king, grenade and dapple dandy.