New info about organic fireblight management, etc

There was some discussion recently about how worthless research based info is in figuring out how to manage home orchards on another topic. I didn’t want to bother chiming in. Some research based info is extremely useful, some not so much, IMO. I would hate to rely entirely on the conclusions based on anecdotal observations of other growers entirely- I have come to way to many wrong conclusions over the years by misreading cause and affect.

That said, some of the recommendations in this group of subjects (the link will take you to) runs counter to my own experience. I can assure you that I do not need to spray nearly as much as what is recommended here to control brown rot, for example. I don’t know how much the apparent overkill recommended in commercial production guidelines is based on greater disease pressure from row after row of same specie trees, or what, but year after year I get by with a fraction of the sprays these guys tend to recommend.


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This is a shjort statement from RUTGERS UNIV IPM REPORT FOR THIS WEEK

"Fire Blight: From a calendar perspective, blossom sprays using Streptomycin should be applied on a 3-7 day schedule or anytime temperatures are 65°F or above and the relative humidity is 60% or above when the bloom is open. Mycoshield now has a supplemental label allowing use on apples and pears. Rotations of Streptomycin and Oxytetracyclene will help manage resistance."