New Member and received my fruit trees now what?

Hi My name is Naeem and I am from Ellicott City Maryland Zone 7A. Joined this forum yesterday and need some advice.
I just received six bare Roots fruit trees Pears , Peach, Plum, Cherry ( multi Grafted) and Cot-n-Candy Apprium and Honey Crisp Apple. These are sitting in my unheated garage in moist peat moss. Since ground outside is very hard and can not dig at this time. I want to know how long I can keep these in my garage where temp stays under 50 degree F. No buds or leaf opening at this time but I know these will pop soon. I have a picture since I am still exploring this forum do not know how to insert or attach it. Any help or suggestions please.

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Pot them up if your ground is still frozen and you can see them bursting buds. I remember Ellicot City flooded a while back…has the town recovered?

I have stored bare roots fruit trees in the cold basement for more than 3 weeks without a problem. Just make sure you keep the root and peat moss moisturized.

Thanks gsims1997 thats what I thought if buds open then I will pot them. Old Ellicott city is not recovered yet some of the shops are still closed, that hit was too hard for some people and they may not recover at all. I am other part of the city though.

Thanks fruit007 I will make sure to keep peat moss moist.

On the question of how to upload a photo, just do exactly what you do when you are making a new thread or posting a reply. Once you are in the text box, look in the row of symbols just above where you type your text. Click on the symbol that is an up arrow with a line under it (for upload). Then select “choose files” and go to the location and file folder where you have the photo saved and double click on it as if you were going to open it. Then click on the blue “upload” button in the upload box. Hope that helps

Thank you very much @thecityman just added photo.

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