New Member in Texas


Adding Persimmons, it should be a carefree choice at TX! And you get 6P


I have 1 year old persimmon. It’s slow growing. And lost 1 giant fuyu. It did try put on lots of fruit in its 1st year, but it dropped it as soon as it gets to marble size. Thinking about adding Jiro, Tamopan, and Hachiya in high density 4 way. We’ll have to see if I can find some.


Limes won’t survive in the ground in Hutto without protection from every freeze. Limes are tropical and won’t
survive in Houston in the ground either. Buy them in the grocery, they are cheap.


I have been wanting to get a Artic Frost. Most places seem to always be out of them. The only place I found it would cost over $100 with shipping. I will wait until I find one locally


Figs and persimmons will do great for you. I grew an Owari Satsuma in ground and protected it with a makeshift cold frame and it did great! My favorite thing was pears. I really miss them. For different reasons I can’t get them to work in Dallas. I like Leconte, Moonglow and if you can get it Dabney for that area. Tennosui, Tennesee and Leona should be good too. Chojuro and Hosui are good Asian pears. Never did much good with Apples but I still think they could be grown there with Cornell Geneva stocks and good variety selection. Let me think of more to add here I will. Glad to have another Texan! Hope this helps a little!



Strange you mention Leavenworth I had a few things to do here today. As your aware Leavenworth & Lansing are more or less the same town so I was in both places so to speak. See if a few of these pictures on my way through town remind you of it.


It’s going to be a patio container tree. I’ll only let it get big enough to where I can still move it with a handcart into the garage when needed for freeze or bad weather. It is a Mexican Lime so it’s not going to get too big. I just want enough fruit for my margaritas!


Too bad I didn’t have any daughters so I could use that on boyfriends! Now just wait when my granddaughter decides she wants to date…

@clarkinks Thanks for the pics, I recognized some, but not all. Is the 8th picture the Leavenworth Library? What’s the arch in the 1st picture?


Not sure I just pass through most of the time or have limited work to do there.


Let me know what you think of Artic Frost. I wonder if it is really better or a gimic.


I have 2 arctic and 2 orange frost. They both bare 6 fruits on 1 year old trees that’s only 3 ft tall. Nice large fruit that is easy to peel and fairly sweet. I love that they’re seedless. Where I have them I don’t think they get enough sunlight to grow vigorously. Pretty much just stuck it on the ground and throw some water on it every now and then.


How is fruit compared to other Satsumas? Also were did you get your trees?


Got them at The Natural Gardner last spring. My Miho satsuma didnt survive last winter even when it was covered with freeze cloth. Planted another closer in to the house hopefully it will survive.


That sure looks good! Was it even very cold last winter?



Welcome!! I’m in Dripping Springs just west of weird, Austin for those not aware. Last year, I planted a few things: 8 apple trees, 4 plum, 2 pear, 2 fig, 2 pomegranate and a few lemon and limes in pots. Everything did pretty well, not as well if we were back in the Midwest, but pretty decently. I have long-term concerns about the apples, just being a tougher environment for them. Anyway, enjoy the site. The expertise is priceless.


Went to the twenties and 80’s where the plant started to bud the dropped again which zap most plants. I even have freeze damage on my crepe myrtle. Enough to surface freeze some parts of my fish pond.


I lost my arctic frost to 16f freeze, how as yours fared the winter?


We had a week long freeze event down to the low 20’s, I had mine covered with a freeze cloth from Home Depot. It defoliate, but it’s coming back with new leaves and even some blooms. my Miho satsuma fared better, but it’s located next to the house.