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I am a 61 year old financial advisor who started an antique apple orchard on my farm in Western IL in 2008. Currently have 55 trees in orchard, with 13 different varieties producing. Have 150 grafted whips of about 40 different varieties in nursery. Last fall, I fermented 6 gallons of cider and made 52 pints of apple butter. So far this fall, have picked graniwinkle, golden russet, roxbury russet, harrison, grimes golden; not yet ripe: black twig, arkansas black, michelin, rome beauty, winesap, yates, baldwin, northern spy. So far, I am utilizing all of the production, but in a year or two, I will have apples coming out of my ars, so I will start selling the excess. Just bought a new apple grinder to simplify my cider production, as I grew tired of grinding apples manually. Plan on fermenting 24 gallon this winter. Every winter, I trade scion with others for more antique varieties.



Welcome aboard. You have definitely come to the right place.

Come in and partake and share


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Welcome! I’m sure you’ll have tons to contribute with your newly found apple addiction. Would love your recipe for apple butter. Its a great group with a lot of knowledge. You’ll have fun too!

Welcome aboard Dan!

Scion trading will heat up in the winter, just post and wants/haves in the scionwood category here.

Hi, Dan. As you can see, you’re welcomed with open arms here. Apples seem to be the top topic of the season. So, I’d say that your timing for introducing yourself is right about on target. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

Welcome Dan. Can always use a few more “apple nuts” over here.

Welcome aboard. This is a great forum and I hope you enjoy it. Bill

Welcome, Dan! Very glad you found us, and I look forward to photos of your fantastic orchard as well as your posts!

Welcome to the group, nice buck there in your photo. He must have been feasting on apples!

Welcome to this group of fruit addicts!