New native rootstock and seedling source

For those looking for seedling plum rootstocks, native shrubs, and nut tree seedlings there is a new source - the Iowa State Forest Nursery.

They are relaxing their requirements and will sell to anyone even resellers and out of state now. They used to only sell to landowners for conservation plantings. But the budget has been cut and they have been struggling under the old model. I think the argument in the past was they would compete with commercial entities in state, but I always thought that was lame because there isnt anyone who sells these native woody plants at any quantity commercially here.

The minimum order is 25 plants.


State nurseries are a great resource, love it when our tax money goes to stuff like this and I want to support it.


My brother ordered a bunch of conifers/plums from the DNR here in Wisconsin. Can’t remember the cost, but it was very reasonable. Lost a few trees here and there over the summer…but so far it all looks good…until winter and the deer eat everything.

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I just thought I’d punch in a few things to see prices. 150 pecans and 25 wild plums came to 162.50 without shipping.

My order(s) from Missouri’s State Nursery with shipping of $40 dollars and all this is 5-dollars more. I appreciate you linking us up Drew, but I’ve never found anything quite like MO’s prices. And the seedlings are awesome.