New Owari Satsuma Tree

DH got a present for me - long wished one, Owari Satsuma Tree. Unfortunately, the reputable seller I recommended to him didn’t respond to his email fast enough and he ordered one at Fast Growing
I received it today:

I have a concern about this tree.
It is extremely leggy and all the length is rootstock. The graft union is very high, right where the branch starts - is it normal?

How do I manage such a long rootstock if it is going to be grown inside? Can I plant it deeper that it is now? It has a root on the soil level, so I guess it will continue grow more roots if I plant it deeper?
Sorry for novice questions, it is my first citrus :grin:
And what is appropriate pot size for indoor Satsuma(grown up)? I rather plant it in the maximum pot I can afford in my space. I want to use air pruning pot, so I don’t need to transplant.

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This does appear to be budded rather high.
However, if you look at the post below about…
““Should I stake this dwarf lemon ?””
You are in good shape. This will fill out and make you smile !
Picture it with branches hanging down with fruit,
Generally it is not recommend to plant citrus too deep.
So just plant in the biggest pot you can easily move.
20 gal. Or so would be good. .for the long term. …Or upgrade 5gal. - 10gal - 20 gal as it grows … Lots of perlight or other light weight mix will help with weight.
Good luck !


Thanks a lot!

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