New pics of my hydroponic set ups and such

Here are a few new pics of my hydroponics set- ups at my greenhouse. And a few bonus pics of some of the stuff we have harvested!


Wow, impressive. Are you selling produce, hobbying, or researching?

Odd question, but I think I recognize this place! Is this the big greenhouse at the fair grounds in Dallas?

Amen! Have you been, Do I know you? Cool that you recognize it.


We donate 100% of the produce we grow to a few different orgs in South Dallas. The greenhouse is part of the Big Tex Urban Farms, a State Fair of Texas initiative. More on this in a bit!



Meant to send this to you do you know of my greenhouse? Do I know you?


I just see it during fair time, but very recognizable. Sounds like you’re doing great things with it.

Thank you! Are you in Dallas? Can’t lie it made my day you recognized it. Message me if you ever want to visit it in the off-season. Here is a link to a blog That mentions my hydro stuff if you want to see it the stuff about the hydro tank is near the bottom of the blog.


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Very nice, Drew. Is that a bunch of Genovese basil in the foreground of the last pic?

I wish we could get our chard to grow like yours. We haven’t even been able to sprout it here for whatever reason. Must be the seeds, not me!!

I’ve been to Fair Park many times, as I mentioned in an older post, I went to a couple OU-Texas games, a few State Fairs, but I think the thing I enjoyed the most there was the North Texas Irish Festival, I went to at least three of them when I lived in the Metroplex.

Oh, I also was there in 1987, when they had the Texxas Jam at the Cotton Bowl; headliners were Boston, with Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Poison and some other spare bands. Wow, I’m old!

@wildscaper - I’m a 4th grade math/science teacher in Garland ISD(live out in Fate). I appreciate the invite! I might have to contact you later in the year to see if we can set up a little chat over Skype about plant needs. I always try to bring in experts to talk to my class during new units/projects.

That awesome! I’m old too so I was still in Louisiana at that time but I know those bands for sure. Yes it is Genovese basil and it grows like a weed in my tank and my towers. Chard is really diffrent grown indoors through hydro. Very tender, more like a giant leaf spinach. Very cool that you know the Fair. Maybe I’ll see you there someday!


Holler at me anytime! Education on plants, health and wellness are a big focus of my life! Look forward to hearing from you.


Well, G basil is one herb we can get to grow well here, we start it indoors, and it gets to about a foot tall before we transplant it. Other herbs don’t do as well here. Guess it’s not hot enough here, or I’m just a lousy grower. Okra doesn’t grow well here either, but in Texas it was about the only veggie we could get to flourish in that heat and black clay.

Your chard looks great, I like the taste of it, so we’ll give it another shot next year.

Well, that may be a problem as we’re about 1000mi away now! I think since we moved up here, we’ve been back to TX once. Most of my kin are in OK so we go there more, but even so, I’ve only been home about half a dozen times in about four years. But, my mom does come up and stay a few weeks with us in the summer, so that helps.

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